Wrist Tattoos

There are many design choices available for wrist tattoos making them popular among both men and women. There are also numerous placement options. There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing this type of body art. Most important is the wrist design because you want to find something with a special meaning to you and makes you feel better, inspired and encouraged when you have a look at it. Other factors include the pain factor, and placement of the tattoo.

Wrist Tattoos Styles

Wrist tattoos come in a variety of styles. There is the bracelet or wristband tattoo which circles the wrist in a fashion similar to the arm tattoo or can be made to look like a bracelet. Some wrist tattoos extend onto the arm. These tattoos can be small and simple or very large and intricate. There are those that are located on the inner wrist and are often times preferred because they are not very visible and are often consider them interesting and mysterious.

Wrist Tattoos Placement and Fading

The placement of a wrist tattoo presents a tricky problem. This problem can, however, be overcome by simply taking into consideration your own lifestyle before getting the tattoo done. Ensure that you consider such factors as tattoo size, pain factor, and visibility of the tattoo before settling on your final decision. It is advisable to have the tattoo placed about an inch higher than the bend zone of your wrist. This is because the skin at the bend zone regenerates fast and therefore the tattoo is prone to fading. This is to say that you will need touch-ups in the future since it is hard to maintain the tattoo’s pristine condition near the palm of your hand.

Tattoos can get in the way of your job application because they are located at an exposed part of your body. There are companies and organizations that still have issues with tattoos. If you are seeking to get employment, especially in companies that have a formal and corporate setting, it is advisable to have a small, simple and not very visible wrist tattoo.

Wrist Tattoos as Expression Who You Are

The meaning of a tattoo strongly influences the tattoo design. It is important to put a lot of thought into the design you would want for your wrist tattoo. As stated earlier, most people today use wrist tattoos for inspiration and encouragement; something they would take a look at during difficult times and get the motivation to press on or feel better. This means that the design should be something special that you will not regret about it later.
Wrist tattoos are an expression of who you are and it is critical to choose wisely on placement options and design among other factors.

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