White Ink Tattoos

So once someone thought long and hard about it, and found it deeply in his or her own heart that this was a great decision to make, a decision is made that this is the day to get tattooed! Now what kind of tattoo should be considered for this life altering commitment. A simple design done in black and gray, or a design simply done in solid dark ink, are a few good choices, and they are easy to distinguish and see. However, someone may want a tattoo of a design that is not so obviously seen. If this is what is desired, then a white ink tattoos design should be considered.     White ink tattoos are growing in popularity and are considered to be an alternative to dark ink tattoos. Most people choose this style because it discreetly displays a tattoo that is not visible to the eye in a quick glance. White ink tattoos, also known as UV Tattos, appear as a scar, or a brand, and they need to be closely examined in order to get a full glimpse of the tattoo’s design. White ink tattoos should always appear lighter than the skin color, so white ink tattoos work best on people with white, fair, or pale skin. Finding the right artist for the white ink tattoo is the next crucial step after the decision to get tattooed is made. Most white ink tattoos are done freehand by experienced artists with extreme artistic skills. Tattoo artists who are precise because they take pride in their work are recommended, because even though a white ink tattoo is difficult to see, it is essential not to mess it up for anyone who is willing to take a closer look at it. Although white ink tattoos are as permanent as dark ink tattoos, it can take a few touch ups before white ink tattoos will show on skin. A white ink tattoo is known to discolor and fade over time, which is why it is important to get it touched up over periods of time. It is also important for the artist to never use a dark or colored stencil when tattooing a white design. A dark or colored stencil can aid in discoloring the white ink, which will darken the tattoo.

Aftercare of White Ink Tattoos

The final most important step is the aftercare of the tattoo while the tattoo is going through its healing process. The artist should provide aftercare instructions, however, there are many websites with accurate healing procedures that one can follow if the artist fails to do so. The tattoo should look like a rash or a burn for almost two weeks before settling down. It is always important to save your receipts and discuss any concerns with the tattoo artist or shop owner if any should arise.

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Discreet Tattoos - White Ink Tattoos

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