Watercolor Tattoos – Part 2

These are tattoos that replicate the painting style that is associated with water color. Water color paintings are known for their great sense of spontaneity. With watercolor tattoos, the artist is not limited because there are no lines and defined shapes. They are distinct for their artistic feel. Seeing as the artist is not limited, these tattoos incorporate a free flow of brush strokes all through the image.

Durability of Watercolor Tattoos

The common question associated with these tattoos is their durability. The traditional tattoo is likely to outlast the watercolor tattoo. However with watercolor tattoos, regular touch ups are required. The frequency of these touch ups depends on the skill of the artist who drew them. Nevertheless, time should not be a factor that concerns a person since how long a tattoo can last is generally not known. Though there is a possibility of having a touch up once the tattoo fades, the touch up process may fail. This is because watercolor tattoos, unlike traditional tattoos, have no defined line or shape. In addition to this, these tattoos usually involve wispy painting. They have no actual pattern. Therefore, any artist would find it difficult to paint the areas exactly as they were before thereby ruining the original tattoo’s beauty. Also, another problem that may arise is that fading in some places may occur faster.

Watercolor Tattoos – Fading and Touch Up

Though these negative factors exist, they still bear no basis as to why one should not get this form of tattoo. All tattoos will fade at some point in time. Also, even with the wispy painting, the tattoo still comes out beautiful. A watercolor tattoo is something different that emphasizes on style. It is a great sense of beauty on the body. A common misconception associated with these tattoos would be that they involve a difficult application process compared to traditional tattoos. Style is the only factor that differentiates a watercolor tattoo from a traditional tattoo. Fades, runs, shades, are all part of watercolor tattoos and not traditional tattoos. This is because with watercolor tattoos, the process is more of artistic. When one makes the decision to get this kind of tattoo they should have a few things in mind. Firstly, the individual may consider researching different designs. With watercolor tattoos, it is best to be bold. Standing out is what makes these tattoos so unique. Secondly, one should make sure to get rid of all insecurities about durability, touch ups and the like. These tattoos are a beautiful piece of art that needs to be enjoyed.

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Watercolor Tattoos
Beautiful,unique watercolor tattoos, artwork by many very talented tattoo artists from around the world.

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