Warrior Tattoos

Warriors represent strength, vitality, and honor. They are the defenders or societies and the weak but can also be brutal and fierce in their fight. A warriors death has been celebrated and glorified in historical societies and a brave warriors name can live on for generations. Warriors represent the ultimate masculine, that is why they are such a great choice for a tattoo design for men.

There are some incredibly cool, sexy, bad and creepy warrior tattoo designs out there. Warrior tattoos are often and best displayed on an arm or back because you are then able to display the full and impressive armor that your warrior is wearing. Although many warrior designs are left black you can add some amazing effects to yours through color and shade.

Tattoo Designs for Men: Sexy Female Warrior

Female warrior tattoos from the fantasy theme are incredibly sexy and very artistic. You can opt for a full nude figure or some small suggestive outfits. These represent a powerful and feminine warrior. A female warrior posed for action or in the middle of a fight can be especially powerful.

Tattoo Designs for Men: Warrior Armor

Using historical warrior armor will add a unique and interesting element to your tattoo. Some interesting armor and weaponry an be found in Japanese Samurai, Viking warriors, Native Indian, Roman, the Persian Spartans, Aztec warriors or Celtic warriors. For a unique fantasy theme try taking pieces of armor from different traditions and mixing them – this can create some very interesting but still realistic warriors.

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