Popular White Ink Tattoos

Popular White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos are the current trend of tattoo for people with white or fair complexion. They look very subtle for pale and white skin. They don’t go really well with black or darker skin because they will just look like transparent and not opaque. They are not very visible on dark skin so it is not really advisable for them.

White tattoo became popular and gain its momentum in 2007 when people constantly see Lindsay Lohan with white ink tattoo. Soon after, many ladies want to have a tattoo like her.

White ink tattoos are popular because they look just like a scar on the skin and they are less noticeable. They look neat and very subtle unlike black ink tattoos. They do fade and sometimes you need to retouch them after two to three years. You can protect your white ink tattoos from fading away using sunscreen protection. Many people prefer this color of tattoo because they can have have it even though their working or living environment frowned it. They are very less obvious than black ink and other colored tattoos. Contrary to what many people think, white ink tattoos are not painful to apply. It was just a common misconception about the white ink tattoo.

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The most popular designs for white ink tattoos

The most popular designs of white ink tattoo are geometric pattern, hearts, horoscope symbols. You can have any kind of design you want like letters, names or any symbols or anything you want but you need to look for a great artist because white ink tattoo is very difficult to apply. Only expert tattooist can give you a nice and better result. During application it can hardly see on the skin and it is usually done by freehand.

Stomach, hips, shoulder, leg and hand are just some of the most popular locations on the body for white ink tattoos. You can apply them anywhere you want but others find it hot at those locations.

A few years back, you will find it very difficult to find an excellent tattooist who can do a white ink tattoo in your area. Some tattooist does not want to do it because it is really difficult. But because it continuously gains its popularity, you can now find them easily just by asking your friends or anybody you find with white tattoo.

Just like black ink and other color of tattoos, white ink tattoos are also difficult to remove. They fade but they can be permanent on skin.

Get inspired by white ink tattoos images

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Popular White Ink Tattoos
Get inspired by images of white ink tattoos. They look neat and very subtle and are less noticeable.