UV Tattoos – Black Light Tattoos

This type of tattoo is done using a thickened white paint which is quite different from the common traditional tattoos. The ink used is different and normally glows in blacklight, they’re also composed of some UV (Ultraviolet) components. Depending on one’s skin tone, a white ink tattoo somewhat looks like a scar as-a design embossed. There are numerous high profile celebrities who’re sporting white ink tattoos and the popular choice tends to be a delicate-design on one’s wrist, like a cursive script.

UV Tattoos

UV tattoos also known as blacklight tattoos are tats made with a special-ink which is only visible under a UV-light. Depending on the ink used, the tats can be nearly-invisible in non UV environments. Thus they’re a great choice for those seeking a more subtle tattoo. UV tattoos are basically a type of body-art which uses a special ink which reacts to UV light. Under the normal-light, the tat appears invisible, but under UV light (that is, blacklight), the ink will glow. Blacklight tats are steadily growing in popularity especially with those who frequent raves and clubs because the tats glow under the UV lights.

UV re-active ink was initially developed to glow while under UV-lights and is now a common additive to clothing designs, paints, spray on hair color, Halloween-costumes and make up. Majority of UV reactive-pigments are fluorescent-pigments. Any other unnaturally bright color like neon, day glow and florescent-colors will glow-under UV light. UV reactive tattoo-pigment was basically developed to have same effect as the fluorescent or day glow paints, only permanently-inserted under one’s skin. A UV tat is nearly invisible in full-daylight. The ink used contains some chemicals which react to ultraviolet light thus making them visible. The tats often appeal to people who prefer a tattoo that’s less visible thus getting a tattoo that’s only visible under-UV light tends to be great prospect. The UV-tattoo style is quite popular in rave and dance club cultures which usually offer the opportunity for the tats to be seen under the UV light. The glowing effect seen is quite unique and cool.

There are 2 types of UV reactive-tattoo pigments. There is one that’s invisible in sunlight and there is another that’s visible. The invisible blacklight ink glows-white or violet when under UV-light. The only visible indication of a blacklight tat is the residual scarring resulting from its’ application. Colored UV reactive-pigment is visible without the blacklight and its’ color looks vividly-bright within the tat design.

Blacklight tats are applied in the same traditional way as the regular tats. The invisible blacklight pigment should be properly applied with a UV light so the tat artist can clearly see what exactly he’s doing. The blacklight pigment that’s visible in regular-light can be easily applied without the need of a blacklight. UV-pigments are quite different from the regular tat inks because these pigments don’t always blend-well and thin ink will make the tattoo process much longer.

White Ink Tattoo Ideas

Simple designs are much easier for a tattoo artist to ink in and they are less likely to cause any complications. Most feminine designs look amazingly great in white ink and they usually appeal to women-of all backgrounds and ages. Since tattoos are basically permanent, one needs to choose wisely and carefully think about his/her decision til they’re completely sure of the choice.

For a white ink tattoo, you can consider some popular designs like:
-Celtic or Tribal patterns

For something a bit more personal, you can consider ideas like:
-Phrases or words
-Angel wings
-Or a meaningful symbol

Lindsay Lohan (LiLo) is one of the celebrities who wears a white ink tattoo on the inside-of her wrist which says “Breathe.” Another popular celebrity who wears a white ink tat is Kate Moss. Her tat is a series-of white hearts that run up the side-of her body.

All tattoos are basically permanent, including the blacklight tats. However, all tats tend to change with time/age and also depending on just how well they’re cared for. Blacklight tattoos are still a relatively new-type of tattooing, so the longevity has not been determined yet. A freshly done UV light tat will glow much brighter than the tattoo that’s a couple of years old. Good and proper tat maintenance will help in preserving the tat quality for a much longer time. In order to keep your tattoo from fading, it’s best to keep all your tats away from excessive-exposure to direct sunlight; sunscreen can be applied to tattoos when going-out into the sun.

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