US Marine Corps Tattoos

Military personnel, especially Navy men were known to wear tattoos before tattoos were accepted in the mainstream. Amongst the navy seal and the American flag designs, that have been so popular amongst Navy guys to commemorate the time they have spent protecting their countries, you can also find additional trends that are more unique: 1. SERVICE SPIRIT One can design an image of a group of soldiers clinging together desperately, trying to fight for their beloved country. This one describes commitment to ones country during an act of war, the willingness to serve in whatever circumstance with one thing in mind, love. A tattoo can server as a way to bring fresh memories of the sacrifices one had to make for the safety and success of their nation.     2. MEMORIAL TATTOO. Memorial tattoos come in many shapes and sizes, they are most affective when they are unique to the person that has passed away. One can also use images specific to the person like their army tags, their zodiac sign or a quote that was special to them. A man once tattooed a voyage ship when his son died in proving Navy service for his country. Memorial tattoos are designed to commemorate the loss of a loved one so their memories and actions continue to be remembered. 3. NAUGHTY NAVY One can design a penguin dressed in navy uniform with a navy cap and a budge standing tall and confident on the front of a sheep crew, so cute. Naughty kind of tattoos can be used to make someone laugh and bring pride of one’s army troops, it show their level of confidence when they are going for war. Many other symbolic features can be still added, this kind of tattoos leave people filling in the puzzles trying to get meaning from what you have. 4. ARMY SLOGAN Army tattoo designs can include slogans of the army. The popular slogan that your nation’s army uses or used and guided them to victory at that point in time. This slogans is a direct symbol of how one is proud and happy to be associated to the success of the nation. 5. TRIBUTE ARMY TATTOO Among other tattoo designs for men are the once that give tribute for the lost brave men that died fighting for the nation. Marine corp tattoos include images of soldiers who died fighting for the nation, it shows the pride and honor for the work they did. 6. ELEGANT ARMY TATTOO One can design that symbol that is associated with the country, for a US citizen A black and white bald eagle or the American flag for that case. It uses a simple idea of using the national symbols recognized by all citizens.

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