Tree Tattoos Symbolism

Tree designs have become increasingly popular in art work and print designs.  You can also find an increase in the number of tree tattoos.    The options really are limitless.  Whether you want just the branch from a cherry blossom tree or the entire tree including the roots.    Choosing whether your tree will have leaves or just branches will dramatically change the look.   This post will give you some ideas: from the most basic outlines to detailed and intricate designs.

 Meaning of Tree Tattoos

In general trees symbolize family, circle of life, strength, knowledge and change.


These are the trees that are the most popular to use for tattoos with their symbolism.

 Apple Tree Tattoos

Symbolizes , happiness, beauty, youth, health, and magic. This is a smaller tree often represented with ripe apples hanging from branches.

 Ash Tree Tattoos

Symbolizes a higher awareness and sensitivity.  In Celtic and Norse folklore the ash tree holds special magical and healing properties. The tree is deeply rooted, beautiful large and very leafy with spread out branches.

Cherry Tree Tattoos 

This is a very popular and beautiful tattoo.  The Cherry Tree represents rebirth, love, affection and good fortune.  It is best known for its beautiful pink, white and red blossoms therefore it is associated with feminine beauty.   The blossoms do not last very long and are therefore significant to the Buddhist theme of transience of life.


Bonsai Tree Tattoo symbolizes harmony, balance and peace.  It is often associated with meditation.  The bonsai tree is a beautiful miniature tree traditionally grown by the Japanese and considered an art form.


Birch Tree Tatoo symbolizes a cleansing of the past and new beginnings in life and love.  It is a perfect symbol if you are overcoming difficulties.  It is one of the first trees to flower in the spring and has almost perfectly white bark.


Cedar Tree Tattoo holds the meaning of cleansing, healing and spiritual protection. It is very meaningful to the inhabitants of the west coast – mainly coastal British Columbia of Canada.   This tree’s boughs drop down appearing to protect the trunk of the tree and it stays green all year long. In ancient cultures cedar wood was burned for protection and often used to build doors to sacred buildings.


Juniper Tree Tattoo is very interesting.  The tree itself is known to grow on rock faces and often twists and dips in the peculiar ways.  It is no surprise that it symbolizes great journeys with many twists and turns – as well as staying true to yourself and your integrity.  It also holds meaning of luck and protection and is a powerful tree in religious and mythical tales.

Oak Tree Tattoos 

Symbolizes strength, wisdom, truth, longevity and power.  It is often thought to be the most power of all trees.  It is a tree of great beauty with large thick branches and plentiful leaves, the wood itself is used for its toughness and durability.  King Arthur’s round table was build from a single slab of an oak tree.


Willow Tree Tattoo symbolizes enchantment, dreams, magic and inner vision. It is symbolic of the rhythm and changing cycles of life.  Often referred to as the weeping willow because of its graceful hanging branches that sway with the wind and also represent flexibility.


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