Meaningful Tattoo Quotes

Meaningful Tattoo Quotes


Inspirational tattoo quotes on man chest.

Inspirational quote

Tattoo quotes idea on wrist

Wrist tattoo quote

Cute, simple tattoo quotes idea on forearm.

Cute and Simple

Short tattoo quotes idea on forearm.

Short on Forearm

Be the change tattoo quotes idea on foot.

Be the Change

Lovely tattoo quotes idea on upper back.

Lovely Design

Memorial tattoo quotes idea on back.

Memorial Tattoo

Cool tattoo quotes idea on stomach.

Cool Quote

Tattoo quotes idea with clock on leg.


Tattoo quotes idea with short prayer.

Short Prayer

Tattoo quotes idea on wrist.

Wrist Tattoo

Tattoo quotes idea on back of neck with tribute to parents.

Tribute to Parents

Tattoo quotes idea on wrist in white ink with infinity symbol.

White Ink on Wrist

A meaningful quote found at the right point in your life can make you change the way you view your happiness, your relationships and your entire outlook on life. Some quotes are so dear to us that they become a reminder of the person we are striving to become, a helpful mantra that puts us back on the right course. Tattoo quotes are the perfect meaningful designs that help us remember who we are and what we are striving for in life.

Popular spot to place a quote tattoo on your body is the arms, stomach or feet. If it’s something that you want to easily read then consider getting your favorite quote tattooed on your wrist or the bottom part of your arm, where you can easily peak throughout the day. If you are looking to be more subtle then consider getting a place that you can at least see often – like your stomach, shoulder or leg.


How to Choose Tattoo Quotes


Get inspirations for tattoo quotes from your favorite authors, people in your life or beautiful poetry. There is no lack of quotes surrounding us, so be sure to pick one that really resonates with you deeply and that you will proudly display to your friends and new people that you meet. Be prepared to talk about why you chose that quote because people will be curious and inspired by it. If you choose a popular quote make sure that you have a deep personal reason for it.


Get Inspired by Tattoo Quotes Examples



Here are some of the tattoo quotes featured in this article with meaning and where they originated from.

“you have to be the change you want to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi

Meaning: The only way to achieve change in this world and in your life is to be the first one to change. We are powerless to change others – so if you want to see more peace then be more peaceful, if you want to see more love then be more loving.

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world bleed”
Mahatma Gandhi

Meaning: This refers to the Christian Bible’s old testament quote that says “an eye for an eye” meaning to seek out revenge for things done against you. Here Gandhi points out what would happen if we truly lived in this way.

Mahatma Gandhi – who believed that peaceful protests were more powerful than violence and led the struggle for India’s independence from British rule.

“I am flawed if I’m not free”
Rilo Kiley from song “does he love you”

Meaning – this is referring about being tied down in a relationship. It’s suggesting that perhaps you are your better self when you are free and single.

“Don’t ever let your mind stop you from having a good time”
Jason Mraz – singer songwriter

Meaning: Don’t over think and over analyze moments that are fun and free. Follow your heart and have fun.  We have more tattoo quote ideas.


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