Tattoo Fonts – Calligraphy

Tattoo Fonts – Calligraphy

Elen word tattoo in unique tattoo fonts.

Tattoos fonts idea of arabic calligraphy on side of body.

Custom Art Design for Back Tattoos

Awesome tattoo fonts design on back.

Tattoo fonts name design on forearm.

Custom tattoo fonts design on back.

Cool tattoo fonts design on chest for men.

Beautiful tattoo fonts idea of chinese calligraphy on woman back.

Tattoo fonts idea of chinese calligraphy on side of body.

Tattoo fonts idea of chinese calligraphy on leg.

Tattoo fonts idea of beautiful cursive calligraphy on woman shoulder.

Tattoo fonts idea of beautiful lettering and bird on side of body.

Tattoo fonts idea of beautiful calligraphy for women.

Tattoo fonts design of cool vulcan calligraphy.

Tattoo fonts idea of amazing lettering on forearm.

Tattoo fonts idea of very black design on arm

Large brush calligraphy tattoo fonts idea.

Japanese calligraphy tattoo fonts idea.

Beautiful tattoo fonts for quote tattoo on shoulder- in love we trust.



The saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword, but what happens when the pen and the sword join forces?

The world of tattoos is not limited to only images of people, nature, objects. If there are names, messages, words, sayings, and stories that have deeply affected your life, getting a tattoo is a wonderful way to commemorate that affection and meaning. But it goes deeper than wearing a message on your skin, the presentation of that message in the form of calligraphy or other various tattoo fonts are just as important. Calligraphy font specifically is the various different styles of tattoo lettering from smooth strokes of the brush to more rigid letters of the pen.

Large Brush Calligraphy - Tattoo Fonts - Egodesigns

There is no doubt that words are powerful, which is one of the many reasons why someone would want them permanently marked on their skin. Calligraphy and the art of font has evolved and been perfected over time, but where did it exactly begin? The history of calligraphy began in Asia in the early 8th century, and continued to be changed and masters in the 10th and 11th century.

It didn’t take long for the beautiful calligraphy to go from paper to the skin. Not only was Asia one of the main birthplaces for calligraphy, but also tattooing. In Japan, tattoos date as far back as 10,000 BCE was considered to be decorative and many had facial tattoos. In China, tattooing was considered to be barbaric. The Greeks and Romans used tattoos to mark slaves and criminals. But early European accounts of tattoos come from Captain James Cook’s accounts of his visits to the Polynesian Islands such as Tahiti. Soon enough, Cook’s sailors began to get tattoos as well, thus beginning the popularity of tattoos in the Western world as well as the perception of those with ink having a lower reputation.

In today’s society, tattoos are more popular than ever, especially among the Baby Boomer generation and younger. People are now getting names tattooed of loved ones who meant a lot to the person, and often these tattoos will be done in memory of a loved one who recently passed away, as a way of created a semi-permanent memorial that will last a lifetime. Many religious tattoo bearers will ink specific messages that have a special meaning on their bodies as a reminder of their faith or to commemorate a milestone in their spiritual walk.

The natural human desire is to find inspiration and meaning wherever path they go and the choices that are made. But the ink goes much deeper than the message. There is an enhancement of beauty when the words are illustrated in scripts and fonts. The meaning of the message that is being tattooed will impact the way it is written in the various forms of calligraphy, making it a custom experience, which is most likely why it is so popular in today’s day and age.

People will tattoo their bodies with words and make a permanent mark to immortalize an important moment in their life, whether it’s a memory, a message, or a loved one. It’s a customized experience that will last for a lifetime. ¬†You can find more calligraphy examples here.

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Tattoo Fonts - Calligraphy
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