Meaning Behind Sugar Skull Tattoos

Sugar art was first introduced to the New World by graceful Italian missionaries during the 17th century. Mexicans during this time had a large sugar production, but very poor to make something out of it, neither import any European decorations for their festivities. Due to this, they made an effort to learn from the Catholic friars how to design art from what they produced most. They then discovered how to make sugar skulls, which they later used to adorn the church, gravestones and ofrendas.

Sugar Skull in Dia de los Muertos

Due to their significance, the sugar skulls were mainly used in the Dia de los Muertos celebrations held in Mexico annually. During these celebrations, sugar was pressed in the skulls to represent a particular departed soul through names inscribed on each skull’s forehead. Smaller skulls made were used to symbolize children who had died on November 1st, whereas larger skulls were laid on November 2nd to symbolize the adults. The skulls were also adorned with dots, stripes and swirls of icing to augment their features. Though it is a holiday from very far away, it is also a holiday you can integrate and personalize in your own cultural belief. You could find it a beautiful way to celebrate memories of your loved ones who are now deceased by getting unique sugar skull tattoos on your body.

Different Designs of Sugar Skull Tattoos

Sugar skull designs are very versatile and normally include one’s personality symbols in the tattoo design. They can also be decorated in different ways and with a host of different flowers, from orchids to roses.

The flower, which are mostly used for sugar skull tattoos, are the marigold. It is said to be the “flower of the deceased”. It is also the right flower you may want to consider if you desire to keep your tattoo traditional. The good thing about sugar skull tattoos is that almost any color blend can be used. This is because the designs are very vibrant, just as they are seen in real life.

Sugar skull designs can also be designed with an oval formed skull, probably defined as a cartoon shaped skull. However, such designs can also display a realistic skull. Men prefer the realistic approach, whereas women stray towards the oval shaped tattoo. The most striking feature of this design is the eyes. It may portray the eyes as jewels, diamonds or flowers. Others may also include candles in the eye sockets of the skull. It is now up to you to talk it over with your artist to find one that suits you best.

Other designs for sugar skull tattoos may also include art and a host of other related symbols. You can consider including an element or symbol that you desire. Some of the symbols you can find appropriate are a cross, stars, hearts, birds or vines.

Nonetheless, before you consider getting a sugar skull tattoo, ensure that you take some time to research about it. Make sure you completely understand what your admired tattoo represents and what it stands for. This is because you would never want to have it inked and then later come to find out that it represents something very different from what you first knew. You should also never rush to have this kind of tattoo. Be 100% sure that you want it on your body.

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Meaning Behind Sugar Skull Tattoos

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