Star Tattoos for Women

In this day and age, the popularity of tattoos is absolutely skyrocketing, and if there is one design that seems to exceed all the others in terms of ubiquity on the street it is star tattoos. Unlike some tattoo designs, which may require an awful lot of work by your chosen ink pusher, star tattoos are relatively quick and easy to turn out, at least for a seasoned tattooist. From the consumer’s point of view, that means getting a star tattoo, or a tattoo incorporating several stars, can be accomplished quite swiftly and without costing a bomb. To be fair, there is quite a divergence of opinion when it comes to star tattoos. Many fans of tattoo art say that big old tattoos featuring stars are unimaginative as hell. This is why persons who are of this opinion prefer to go for elaborate tattoo designs that showcase the skill of the man or woman with the needle. When the customer ends up with a tat to die for, it is arguably a win-win situation for all concerned. It is certainly true to say that a complex, original design of tattoo, provided it is implemented well by the tattooist, is much more likely to turn heads and garner approving looks than a plain cascade of stars across the ankle or arm.   On the flipside, it cannot be ignored that intricate tattoo work is costly. Youngsters of meager means may lack the funds to pay for complicated designs that take an age to apply. This is at least one reason why star tattoo designs are all the rage. They are cheap and cheerful but they get the job done, arguably not in grand style but well enough to satisfy the requirements of most people.   When it comes to getting tattooed with stars, you should know that there is a raft of options available to you. For example, single stars are one popular choice, although many people favor the shooting star tattoo designs, as the latter is a bit more elaborate and eye-catching. The shooting star design involves a succession of stars of similar design, but starting large and getting progressively smaller. It is certainly a popular design among those desperate to get inked, but arguably it is not terribly original or subtle. Nevertheless, if it’s the design you want, you should not listen to criticism but instead go with your instincts.

While a star tattoo will not win you any prizes for originality, it remains a popular choice. Aside from the fact that stars are venerated as mysterious heavenly bodies, they are also suggestive of flat out glamour on earth. Furthermore, a star tattoo is relatively inexpensive, so newcomers to the world of ink slinging can get their first tattoo done without fear of running up a huge bill, or of having to undergo an extended period of discomfort and/or pain as the tattooist goes at them with the needle and ink gun. While star tattoos should be a simple job for a competent tattooist, it is wise to think carefully about where to get your tattoo done. You should never dive in at the deep end with an unproven ink gunner. If you have a friend who has had a good experience with a particular tattooist, that’s all the better. On the other hand, if word of mouth can’t be brought into play, you must do your research on the internet. Whatever you do, don’t sign on the dotted line to have a star tattoo or indeed any other kind of tattoo until you are one hundred percent certain that the tattooist you have chosen knows their stuff back to front and can be trusted to do tip top work. Click here for more star tattoo designs.

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The Pros of Star Tattoos

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