Small Tattoos

A person puts lots of effort to create his own identity matching his thoughts and philosophy. Good attire, a set of accessories and right cosmetic is for all. Tattoo is a piece of art on the body can really make the difference in your look. Cute, small tattoos can be on visible area of the body or hiding somewhere mysterious, tattoos can become a part of our identity. Tattoo art has been around for centuries. It is an art patronized by people from almost every corner of the earth. The art has been perfected for beauty and efficiency through a long process of evolution of art, technique and equipment.


Your Small Tattoos are Your Permanent Companion



The tattoo is placed right on your skin and it remains your permanent companion. Once you fall in love a design that is on your body it becomes a lifelong affair. Tattoo decks up your skin like nothing else. It makes you different. Imagine an attractive small oriental design on the arm of a lady or a cute floral design around the navel. It can generate huge interest and spread the right message. Everyone around would notice it and will be intrigued by you. You will surely enjoy the attention.

Place, Design and Size does Matter for Small Tattoos

Decide on the placement of the tattoo on your body. Make it visible for the right occasion. Flaunt your tattoo during the summer. Arm and shoulder are preferred places. Try legs, navel or back. Start with a small tattoos. Make it at a prominent spot. A cute tattoo will surely bring a change in your look. You can stat adding more small tattoos around the same area to create a larger design when you build up your courage.



Take time to choose the design. Tattoo artists have designs for every emotion, every item and every generation. Flip through the designs. Choose a small  tattoo which matches your taste and personality. You can choose from popular oriental designs. Check the ancient tattoo art or designed influenced by nature. Blue, red and black are conventional colors for a tattoo. Consider other bright and vibrant colors that will stand out. Fluorescent colors are also available. Tattoos can be a seductive art and show that you have a sense of adventure and humour. Funny or matching designs are great choice for small tattoos for both, guys and girls.

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