Small Tattoos for Women

Small tattoos for girls are fun and cute.  If you’re not ready to look hardcore with a big and noticeable tattoo, consider getting something small with meaning to you.  They can be placed in strategic places for maximum or minimum viewing.  Try your wrist or neck if you want people to see it often – choose your foot or hip if you want to hide it easily.  Small tattoos  placed behind the ear are also starting to become more and more popular – it’s great if you have long hair because you can easily hide it or show it off.  Show your inner quirk with something unique and fun or go for a beautiful small shape for added mystery and beauty.

Benefits of Small Tattoos for Girls

Small Tattoos are less painful and cost less!  That’s right, this means much less time with you and that needle.  They are also perfect for certain parts of the body – especially the ones already mentioned.     Small tattoos make it fun and sexy to hide a small cute symbol in strategic places of your body.  You can also have multiple cute ones that show your personality.   If you are new to tattoos then this is a perfect way to take it for a test drive, if you put some thought into it then you can slowly add more small tattoos around it to eventually create a large beautiful tattoo – or leave it small and sexy, just for fun.   Remember to always do you research before getting inked. Small tattoos are fun and cute only if a skilled artist completes them.  There is not much room for error!  For more cute tattoo ideas click here.

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