Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoo designs are part of an ‘old school’ tattoo style.  When tattoos started becoming a little more mainstream you would find designs with skulls, roses, knives and crosses.   They had a very particular style and are still practiced by some artists today as a specialty vintage tattoo style.  Some characteristics of an old school skull tattoo design is a black ink outline with an overall simple design. Skull tattoos were commonly surrounded by roses, holding daggers in their mouths or were incorporated into navy / military symbols.


Meaning of Skull Tattoos


A skull tattoo design is a powerful image to choose because people associate skull tattoos with death and decay. Old school tattoos were made popular by the navy and military personnel that often dealt with the concept of death or killing.  Skull tattoo designs symbolize the concept of death and mortality – it represents what we leave behind in this world after death.   It can also symbolize that someone does not fear killing others or the concept of death around them.   The skull and bones have been used by Pirates throughout history and can represent triumph and rebellion. The sugar skull tattoo symbolizes death in positive manner and the symbolism of sugar skull tattoo is in decoration around the eyes.


Here are also some positive symbols of skull tattoos


–       Strength

–       Power

–       Overcoming Obstacles

–       Protection

–       Facing Mortality

–       Reminder to live life to the fullest

–       Triumph and Rebellion


Skull Tattoos with Design Twists


You can dramatically alter the look and meaning of your skull tattoo by adding a personalized symbols or designs.  Women have started adding skulls to an overall feminine design using flowers, feathers and lighter colors.  You can also spot some feminine skulls tattoos with lipstick, blush and a big ribbon.  Skull tattoo designs are great to integrate into a larger back piece or arm sleeve tattoos because they can add a meaning or represent the dark side.


Choose your  tattoo design wisely and make small adjustments that have deep meaning and are unique to you.

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Meanings Behind Skull Tattoos

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