Simple Tattoos – Cool Tattoos for Minimalists

Minimalist design is the most significant design movement of the present century. It is definitely not the most popular but it has managed to penetrate more fields that any other design trend. Today almost all fields have been influenced by the concept of minimalist design. In a nutshell minimalist design can be defined as a type of design which has been stripped down to its essential elements only. It is more of a principle than just a visual design. If you are designing a website, house, a flyer or even a tattoo, you just need to remove the unnecessary elements and retain only the essential elements. One just needs to check whether the design can function at a 100% level even without the unnecessary elements.

A Minimalist Design only uses those elements that are essential to the design and only those details are included that will create a feeling be it funky, modern or even sophisticated. Minimal colors are used so that they interact with each other well and create a feeling that inspires people.

The concept of minimalist design has been successfully implemented in Tattoos. Many celebrities have already adopted these tattoos and this has helped to popularize these designs. Alyssa Milano & Hayden Panettiere has already embraced the minimalist design tattoos. Earlier a multitude of colors were used in a tattoo but this has been replaced by the simple ‘black’. Almost everyone has accepted the motto of ‘overall to minimalism’. These tattoos usually represent something which is cherished the most.

Celebrities with Minimalistic Tattoos

Hayden Panettiere, for example, has inscribed ‘Remember to live’ as a tattoo on her back. Other noted celebrities who have adorned minimalist design tattoos include Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, and Jessica Alba et al. These tattoos are emotionally important to the celebrities as they symbolize what they believe in or something to do with their family. However, this does not imply that minimalist tattoos are only popular with the elite class only. More and more people are taking up these tattoos as it has become a style statement of sorts.


A lot of white space is used in these tattoos which help to make them stand out. If you are a new mom and want to share your excitement then you can make a tattoo of the baby name or something else which denotes that you are enjoying mother hood. This is just an example, you can pick up any theme and get a minimalist design tattoo of your own and make a style statement.

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Simple Tattoos - Cool Tattoos for a Minimalist

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