Beautiful Rose Tattoos

Many people like the rose because it is very beautiful and because it holds various meanings. The attractiveness of a genuine rose has shifted directly to the tattoo rose design making it a classic tattoos choice. Rose tattoos are a very popular tattoo choice for both old school and new school tattoo designs. Rose tattoos, particularly the red rose looks very sexy when done on the lower back or ankle with vines in swirl design. They can also be placed on different parts of the body such as shoulders and arms. You can choose whether you want to have fully bloomed roses or rose buds. You can also choose a single rose or several roses inked on your body. Perhaps the number has a significant meaning in your life or something. Rose tattoo designs can look splendid in different colors. Different colors of roses signify different things hence they are very versatile. Sometimes it could be the favorite color of the person to whom they are dedicating the tattoo. Or it could be simply based on the emotions and meanings assigned to by the Victorians for each rose color.

Rose Tattoo Meanings

* A red rose symbolizes the conventional color choice and signifies love, beauty, bravery, romanticism and passion, often in the form of a single bud.

* A gold rose stands for accomplishment and prosperity.

* A dark red rose indicates unconscious beauty.

* A pink rose bespeaks friendship, appreciation, happiness, gentleness and grace.

* A light pink rose represents understanding and sweetness.

* A yellow rose symbolizes happiness, joyfulness, jealousy or an apology. Yellow is a bright and fun loving color that denotes true friendship when it comes to being the color of a rose.

* A white rose is a symbol of purity, spiritual love, innocence, humbleness, silence, privacy, youthfulness and reverence

* A lavender rose represents fascination.

* A blue rose stands for impossibilities.

* A coral rose symbolizes desire.

* A black rose conventionally shows loss sorrow and death.

*A rose tattoo with thorns can have a meaning of putting emphasis on external beauty but to a certain extent, symbolizes a strong willed personality. It can “You can look but you cannot touch.” The addition of thorns signifies how people perceive love. Just like the rose, love is wonderful but you can get hurt or pricked. The thorns are reminders that love and life is not always easy.

* Rose tattoos may also have memorial or sentimental significance. Children usually choose a rose for their mothers and in return, mothers choose a rose to remember their children.

In the spiritual context, the rose flower can symbolize religion or Virgin Mary. The Catholic Church holds Virgin Mary in the highest regard and so the tattoo in her honor signifies respect and love.

The blooming stage your rose is in sends a certain message. An open rose in full bloom bespeaks thankfulness while the tiniest of rosebuds in rose tattoo designs means that the wearer is young and still in the beginnings of exploring the world.

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