Quote Tattoos

What better way to truly display your values, feelings, and personal philosophies than adding them permanently to your body in a beautiful script.   A quote tattoos are a statement of your soul and your deepest beliefs.  It is a beautiful way to remind yourself of the way you want to live your life or the way you want to handle life’s challenges. Quote Tattoos are great for meaningful tattoos.   Getting a quote tattoos are becoming very popular.  You can see quotes tattooed on all types of body parts – wrists, neck, spine, side body and feet.  Choosing the right font for your quote tattoos is important and makes all the difference in design.  An old italicized script is beautiful and feminine with letters ending in long flowing lines.  Choppy block font is great for a masculine tattoo.

Quote Tattoos in Other languages

It has become increasingly popular to get a powerful and meangful tattoo quote translated into a different language.  This creates mystery because you have ensure that most people around you will not be able to understand it immediately.  Tattoo quotes in a different language other than your own ensure that you have some privacy around your personal philosophies, but they remain a meaningful tattoos reminder to you.  It is also a great way of focusing on the beauty of a font and a word, you are making a quote tattoos  into an art first and a message second.

Some popular languages that people use for their quote tattoos are:

–       Chinese –       Arabic –       Hebrew –       Latin –       Japanese –       Swahili –       Hindi   If one of these languages is part of your families history or if it particularly speaks to you than use this site (tattootranslate.com) to get an idea of what your quote will look like in that script.  It is also popular to have you name translated into a beautiful script.    Remember that, just like English fonts, these scripts also have different fonts and styles of calligraphy.  Make sure to explore the fonts for your quote tattoo because it can make it look quite different with a small change of font to bold or italic.  Most importantly always ensure to have someone who is fluent in the language read your translation before putting ink on skin!  We have all heard about Britney Spears tattoos meaning something different than what was her intent. See some inspirational Tattoo Fonts.

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Quote Tattoos - Beautiful Body Art with Meaning

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