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Neck Tattoos and Gang Members


The side of the neck is another area that has recently become more popular for a neck tattoos. On this specific part of the neck, you will often see men with cursive writing and smaller designs. In the past neck tattoos for men were extremely prevalent among men that were serving time in prison and / or were affiliated with certain gang related activity. Since the neck is usually the most visible spot for a tattoo, gang members would get their particular gang symbols marked on this part of the body.


With a neck tattoos being so easy to see, this allowed gang members to show off their specific symbols and affiliations. By doing this, a level of protection and warning is given to other gang members. If a gang symbol is not presented with extreme visibility, there is a higher chance that member affiliation won’t be recognized. This could either lead to members of the same gang assaulting each other or a member of a different gang hurting someone that they want no part of. With a neck tattoo that is a gang symbol, members are “putting all of their cards” on the table for both bragging right and protection.


Current Trends in Back of The Neck Tattoos


It is only recently that neck tattoos have made it into mainstream fashion. In fact, within the past five years, neck tattoos have continued to gain momentum and, nowadays, and are quickly growing to becoming the most fashionable type of tattoos. You can now see quite a few celebrities with neck tattoos including Rihanna, David Beckham, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake.

 Why to Get Neck Tattoos?

People are becoming more interested in getting ink in this region because not only is a neck tattoo highly visible, unlike tattoos on other parts of the body, but it also still has that badass connotation associated with gangsters.  This is especially true for men, the most popular type of neck tattoos for men include tribal, Aztec and Celtic designs. Particularly, neck tattoos that feature spearheads, the Celtic cross, family member names and ancient sayings have recently become extremely popular with the men.


In addition to these specific tattoo styles, there are different areas of the neck that tattoos can be seen on. One of the most common place for great design is the back of the neck for tattoos, directly below the hairline. This is a popular location because it provides the most amount of space for a larger tattoo design and it is almost always exposed.  You can also find many designs right behind the ear, most often writing but other unique designs are becoming increasingly popular.   The last popular trend we have spotted are large tattoo designs, like tribal abstract lines etc, that start on the shoulders or arms and work their way up to the back of the neck.  This type of the large back of the neck tattoos are one that will spark curiosity because it is obvious that you are only seeing the ends or beginnings of it, so be prepared to be asked to lift your shirt in public so curious strangers can get a glimpse.


Tips on Choosing a Neck Tattoos for Men Design


We cannot be anymore serious when we say that neck tattoo will be the most important decision of any tattoos because of how highly visible it is.  If you are in the early parts of your adulthood make sure you really think about what types of jobs, people and places you  might want to visit in the future because a neck tattoo can be perceived very negatively in certain circles.  Be aware of current trends – they too shall pass.  Much like the dreaded lower back tattoo for ladies, the Chinese characters or the barbed wire for men – which were big trends and now just look lame and old – other trends too shall pass – think birds, trees and 3d tattoos – they are really cool now but make sure it is not just a passing trend.


Lastly, the design is very important.  All tattoos will need to be touched up at some point.   Your neck tattoos and back of the neck tattoos will get old and we encourage you to get it fixed as often as it takes because, once again, it is so visible.   Speak with a trusted tattoo artist to decide on a design that is not only meaningful and unique to you but is also easily maintained over the years to come.

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