Music Tattoos

Music notes are always a popular choice as a tattoo design for musicians and the fact that they can be adapted to form a different shape stops the designs from looking clich├ęd or boring. Notes which trail across a shoulder are often popular. It is also possible to choose a combination of music notes from a particular song and this would really personalize the tattoo and give it a special meaning for you. Another reason why music notes are such a great choice for a tattoo is that the tattoo can easily be made to fit any area. A trail of notes could cover a shoulder or encircle a wrist while a single note would look great on an ear or an ankle.

Music notes also look good in black and white and can be designed on a lined base to look like sheet music or tattooed on their own. If you are looking for a brighter tattoo that will stand out then music notes in different bright colors can look really effective. You could even ask for a design of music notes to form a particular shape such as a heart. Music notes are one of the most versatile ideas for a tattoo and it is extremely easy to come up with a design that will be unique and unlike any other.

Another interesting choice for a music tattoo is to choose song lyrics as part of the design. This could be from a favorite song or your own composition. Lyrics can easily be combined with music notes or decorated but make sure all the words are spelt correctly. A design with song lyrics can look really good on an arm as part of a sleeve design.

Choosing a tattoo of an instrument that you can play is an obvious choice for musicians and guitars can look very effective and easily personalized with different colors and effects. For a singer, a microphone tattoo could be combined with music notes.

Another choice for musicians could be to choose a tattoo of someone who has been a great musical influence for them and a guitarist may choose someone like Jimi Hendrix. Make sure you choose someone who you really do idolize though as you don’t want to get stuck with a tattoo of someone whose music you no longer like six months later.

Probably the best way to decide on a music tattoo is to think about what really matters to you whether it is a song or an instrument and then incorporate that into your tattoo design.

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