Memorial Tattoos

Losing someone you love can be very difficult. There are plenty of memories and emotions that cause us tears and smiles. Memorial tattoos are a commitment to always honor the memory of the person that you loved so much. It is a way to pay tribute to them that is unique and also very personal.

Take your Time

The decision to get any tattoo shouldn’t be made hastily. Take your time to decide that you do want to get a memorial tattoo. Once that part of the decision has been made, you have time to think about what you would like to get. Perhaps there is a particular object or place that reminds you of that individual. Maybe there are certain colors they really loved.

There can be peace found in a memorial tattoo that has a religious element to it. A cross is a good example. It all depends on your own religious beliefs and if you would like that to be included in your tattoo or not. There is no right or wrong option to consider, so really think about what will help you honor that person in a way that you are happy with. Adding those elements to your tattoo can make it very personal.


The size of the memorial tattoo has nothing to do with how much that person meant to you or how long they were a part of your life. The size should depend on where you would like it. The size should also depend on how you would like to display it and what you select. Such a tattoo can be simple and small or large and elaborate. That is something for you to decide.


One of the ideas to consider with memorial tattoos is a quote that reminds you of your loved one. Maybe it was something that the often said. The quote could be something that gives you peace when you think about them. Quotes can be alone or with a picture as part of the overall memorial tattoo. The quotes can be done in a variety of sizes and fonts.

Where do you want it?

Think about where you would like the memorial tattoo to be on your body. Some people want to display it where everyone can see it. For example, on the wrist or the lower arm region. Others though would prefer to have it on their chest, back, leg, or upper arm. This allows them to display it when they wish and keep it covered at other times.

Trust us to Complete it

When it comes to any tattoo, you want it to be happy with the finished appearance of it. We can be trusted to help you design the memorial tattoo that you will be proud to display on your body. We can help you to come up with ideas. You can also tell us what you have in mind and we can draw it. We won’t proceed with creating the tattoo until you are completely happy with it.

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