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Lotus flower tattoos are an excellent choice for people who are looking for a phenomenal design that is both meaningful and symbolic. These undeniably stunning flowers start along the bottom of a pond where they are stuck in mud. As time goes on, they proceed to rise gracefully to the surface, continuously moving towards the light. Once the lotus flower is exposed to the light, it begins to blossom into a truly picturesque aspect of nature. Due to the journey that they go through before blooming completely, lotus flower have strong symbolic ties to many different cultures around the world. Continue reading to discover the meaning behind these flowers according to several different cultures and religions.

The Hindu Meaning of Lotus Flower Tattoos: In Hinduism, the lotus flower represented the beauty of life as a whole a well as the true soul of a person. Furthermore, the Hindus believed in three different different Gods that included Vishnu as the preserver, Brahma as the creator, and Shiva as the destroyer. According to many of their writings, the lotus flowers were meant to represent the achievements of birth, life and death. This particular culture also uses the lotus flower to symbolize one’s strength as they make their way through the hardships that they face during life.

The Buddhism meaning of Lotus Flower Tattoos: To Buddhists, the lotus flower represents the purity of enlightenment after the hardships of life. This is because the heavenly, white petals of the flower unfold each morning out of mud and muck Additionally, inside of each lotus seed is what appears to be a miniature version of the plant. Due to this fact, Buddhists also use this plant too symbolize the completeness of the soul before birth. Just like the lotus flower, babies in the womb are already perfect as they wait to emerge and proceed to prosper into their full potential.

In the Buddhist culture, the different colors of the lotus flower also have different meanings:

– The blue lotus: A blue lotus flower represents intelligence, learning and mindfulness.

– The red lotus: According to the Buddhist culture, the red lotus flower is a symbol for the human heart. A red lotus flower tattoo design can represent many aspect of life including love, passion, devotion or loyalty.
– The purple lotus: The purple lotus flower is said to be the flower of mysticism. Traditionally, there are eight petals and these petals symbolize the eight-fold path of the journey to enlightenment.
– The pink lotus: A pink flower flower is a symbol of the universal spirit, which is something that everyone is apart of. A pink lotus tattoos is said to be deeply spiritual. It represents ones devotion and loving relationship with God.

The Egyptian meaning of Lotus Flower Tattoos: The lotus flower was a very important aspect of Egyptian culture. To the Egyptians, the process of the flower blooming through the water represents the formation of life and reincarnation.

All in all, different cultures have different beliefs and ideas regarding the lotus flowers. Lotus flower tattoos are extremely meaningful, as well as flexible due to the many color options that are available.

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