Lone Wolf Tattoos – Unique Images and Meanings

Wolf Tattoos

The wolf is a popular symbol and has been used through out history, in great works of literature and art in many cultures, as well in tattoos and other decorations around the world. The wolf tattoo designs often represents a number of different things, depending in which culture it is being used. The wolf is an animal in nature that possess a large number of positive and graceful attributes, including strength, loyalty and trust from the other wolves in a family. Written below are some of the more common meanings behind the symbol of the wolf and reasons as to why this animal has been so popular through the ages in both art, history and now tattoos. Wolf tattoos are becoming increasing popular for both men and women. Some designs use realistic 3D portrayal while other use tribal outlines or watercolor styles.

The Lone Wolf Tattoos

The term of the “lone wolf” is usually given to the young wolves that leave their family and head off to roam the lands, looking for another wolf to mate with. For this reason, the wolf tattoo can often be used to describe a young person who has set out in the world to find something or someone who holds a true meaning in life. It can also mean someone that has gone against the norms and values of a particular culture and is instead finding their own way through life. Lone wolf tattoo is a great choice for body art.

Loyalty Wolf Tattoos

Although the animal has often being give the term of a “lone wolf”, it is also a very social and friendly animal that will look after its family and provide and care for them at all times. Wolves also work together when they hunt for prey, moving in packs. they are also very loyal and this can be seen by the fact that they only mate once in their entire lifetime. For these reasons the wolf tattoo design can often symbolize a caring and friendly nature.

The Wolf Spirit Animal

In the spirit animal kingdom the wolf represents intelligence, expression of instincts. The wolf tattoo also represents freedom. In ancient folklore the wolf is often shown as being telepathic and has a very deep connection to instinct. Folklore originating from Europe, Eurasia and North America commonly use the wolf to represent danger, strength and destruction. These notions led to the mythical creature called Lycanthropy who was half human warrior and half wolf – sometimes referred to as the werewolf.

The Wolf in Nature

A wolf is a very skillful animal in the natural world and use a variety of techniques in order to survive in the sometimes difficult and dangerous areas where they live. A wolf tattoo designs symbolize person who carries with it a number of skills, including communication and strategy for working with other wolves when searching and capturing prey . The wolf also is able to enjoy life and has a playful nature, as well as a curious one. Wolves can be dangerous, but they can also be extremely loving. All of the skills that the wolf possesses can be used as forms of symbolism when the image of a wolf is used in a tattoo. Wolf tattoos can represent all of these symbolisms but choosing a symbol that you associate with stronger and putting it into your tattoo will accomplish a deeper meaning and a personalized design. Wolf tattoo designs are great choice for body art.

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