Japanese Tattoos

Unique and fascinating, some of the most amazing Japanese tattoo designs are said to have originated way back in 5000 B.C. The people of Japan would wear the tattoos in order to represent their religious beliefs or to ward off evil spirits that were said to lurk the country. Historians also believe that some of the tattoos were used to signify the positions of people in society. Nowadays, the tattoos are still highly popular because of their appeal that everyone seems to be intrigued with. Continue reading to learn the important factors regarding various Japanese tattoo designs and the symbolism that they hold. 

Japanese Oni Mask Tattoos: The Oni Mask tattoo refers to the belief of a spirit world where demons punish the evil and unjust. While many Oni are considered to be evil, some are considered to be protectors. According to Japanese history, when a monk would die, he would become an Oni after death in order to protect his temple. 

Japanese Dragon Tattoos: The Japanese people of the West and East symbolize dragons differently. In the West, they traditionally stand for wealth, ferocity and strength. They may be a destructive forced, but they are looked upon as guardians that protect the people of the town from evil spirits as well as natural disasters. The Japanese citizens along the East consider dragons to be benevolent and generous that use their strength to do good. Wisdom is another trait that the Japanese attribute to dragons. Due to their positive connections, Japanese dragon tattoos are among the most popular of Japanese tattoos. 

Japanese Phoenix Tattoos: According to Japanese culture, the phoenix is a beautiful bird that is consumed by fire but then rises from its own ashes. These miraculous birds also occur in Greek and Roman mythology. Regardless of the origin, Japanese phoenix tattoos symbolize triumph as well as the rebuilding of one’s self. 

Japanese Wave Tattoos: Many Japanese tattoo designs feature a source of water. Specifically waves as they are an important element of Japanese art. In addition to representing life and strength, wave tattoos also symbolize the belief that that life flows, just like water. Life is swift and strong at times but calm and gentle too. 

Japanese Koi Tattoos: It is a well known fact that koi fish are considered to be one of the most sacred animals in Japan. Many Japanese native designs and art feature thee naturally stunning fish. Many citizens of the land believe that these fish would turn into dragon over time. In this belief, koi fish are symbolized as a sense of strength. Only the fish that could make their way p the Yellow River and through the “Dragon’s Gate” were rewarded by being transformed into dragons. For this season, koi fish tattoos also symbolize the act of pursing your dreams and the determination for success. 

All Japanese tattoos have a little something different to offer. Each of the previously listed designs hold a unique, culturally-right symbolism and representation which make them a truly magnificent tattoo design.

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