Infinity Tattoos – Meanings and Designs

Tattoos hold special meaning to people that get them. The majority of people that get infinity tattoos do so for some kind of symbolism – to hold something that appeals to them forever, such as faith, love, a special experience, and other qualities.

Many tattoos are symbolic of religious beliefs, for instance the cross and the Star of David are common tattoos that symbolize religious beliefs. On the other hand, an infinity sign does not hold any religious connotation but it can have a lot of meaning to the owner with its simplistic beauty.

The infinity symbol is sometimes associated with mathematicians, but this is not true. A lot of people love the infinity tattoo designs and they do not see it as a symbol of mathematics.

Infinity Tattoos – Meanings and Designs

You’re most likely to find infinity tattoos among couples, with a heart sign next to an infinity symbol. Sometimes, the two tattoo signs can be intertwined to symbolize everlasting love. It’s also common for couples to get the infinity tattoos on the same part of the body to add more meaning to their adornment. So if you and your partner want to show off your unending love, the infinity symbol is a good choice to do that.

However, infinity tattoos are not a reserve for lovers only. To some people, it can hold a different meaning other than everlasting love. The infinity sign symbolizes a loop that never ends and it is analogous to the meanings of reincarnation and rebirth as used in eastern religions and cultures, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

The infinity symbol symbolizes eternity, be it in the physical or spiritual form. The various means and symbolism linked with the infinity sign is what makes it very popular and almost any culture has concepts that relate to one or more layers of its meaning.

As mentioned earlier, infinity tattoos symbolize limitless possibilities. Infinity is something without an end, and so an infinity body design symbolizes something without boundaries. Think of the limitless possibilities and apply the idea to your life.

Every moment in your life is a decision and each comes with never ending possibilities. This is what the infinity sign symbolizes – the infinite universe and the possibilities it holds. The infinity sign is one of infinite realities. This is what allows us to be anything and everything we want. This is what the infinity sign is all about.

If you want to be reminded of the limitless possibilities you have, this is the sign you want to have. Infinite tattoo designs have a lot of meaning because the concept that’s not easy to grasp. Deep thinkers especially love the infinity sign.

Simplicity of Infinity Tattoos


The infinity tattoo has a simple design that looks good. It’s very customizable and can go on any part of the body. You can intertwine two infinity symbols to create a religious meaning of the cross. You can also add a heart symbol if you’re revealing love. Some people like to accompany the infinity symbol with nice quotes. Others embed tattoo lettering with the infinity symbol. It’s really a matter of creativity as some people add flare by adding loops and swirls around the tattoo.

Just like its meaning, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to adding flare and meaning to your infinity tattoos. For inspiration, visit any tattoo gallery on the Internet to get ideas.

The double infinity design has gained popularity in recent years, with a couple of celebrities wearing it.

Overall, the infinity tattoos are for people who want to embody the idea of limitless possibilities. It’s for big dreamers and thinkers that believe in the concept of infinite possibilities.

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