Hand Tattoos for Men

Information about Getting Hand Tattoos

Deciding on a hand and finger unique tattoo design is a major decision that you should never rush. This tattoo will be noticeable during every interaction you have with people, so it is important that you take the time to make sure it is impressive and meaningful. Although you may want it to be bold and amazing, it is essential that you also consider that it will hurt more to tattoo a complex design on boney hands and fingers.

Hand Tattoos Aftercare

A more extensive tattoo design on your hands will require extra care and maintenance. It is always best to use the aftercare products that were recommended by your tattoo artist. Many tattoo artists won’t touch up their work for free if you don’t follow their aftercare instructions completely. It is also a good idea to wash your hands using a gentle anti-bacterial, fragrance-free soap for the first few weeks until the skin is fully healed.

Hand Tattoos Maintenance

Hand tattoos can result in more complications, because it is hard for the tattoo to heal when your fingers and hands are constantly moving. Hand tattoos are also more likely to fade over time due to frequent use and movement. There is usually yearly maintenance involved to keep a hand and finger tattoo looking its best.

Hand Tattoo Ideas for Men

Fierce animals, fiery skulls, the names of loved ones, and spiritual symbols are usually popular tattoo ideas for men. Men are normally looking for tattoos that symbolize their masculinity, power, and passions. Quite often fathers will tattoo the names of their children on their hands or fingers, as a reminder of who they are working so hard for every day.

Hand Tattoo Ideas for Women

The names of loved ones, hearts, butterflies, floral patterns, and spiritual symbols would be the most common hand tattoos for women. Women normally choose designs that represent the things they love the most or the people who matter most. Unfortunately women usually have boney hands and fingers, which will make getting a tattoo there even more painful.
The commitment, pain, and permanent impact of getting hand tattoos and/or finger tattoos make them quite an impressive accomplishment. Whether it is simple letters across your fingers to represent a loved one you have lost or a vibrant, detailed hawk that seems to rise from your wrist, there are a lot of great tattoo ideas for men and women that can be captured on your hand and fingers.
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