Foot Tattoos

Things to consider when getting a foot tattoos written by: crazysnake513 Many people get tattoos on their feet, for many reasons. They’re are some things you should consider before doing so, if you are looking to get a tattoo on your foot.

Pros of getting foot tattoos

Easy to show others when you want to, or need to. Which in the other sense, also makes it easy to cover up when you need to, or want to. Easily one of the better locations to be able to show them on special occasions. Another good benefit is not having to worry about your skin stretching as other body parts when you get older. 

Foot tattoos are also not as popular as arm tattoos, or lower back tattoos, which makes the location better for some. For women who love shoes, a great and lovely design can enhance and blend with shoes really well. Thus making the tattoo located on the foot a better spot.

Cons of getting foot tattoos

When it comes to the foot, the ink tends to blur and spread faster, making it where you may have to get a touch up or two later on. This is not only a pain for the artist, but for you as well, especially considering the foot region is said to be one of the most painful areas on the body. 

The healing process will take up to two weeks minimum to heal, making the area harder than most to take care of. A foot tattoo can make your foot swell, making it hard or painful to walk. During the healing process, it may hinder work, working out, or everyday chores that you need to get done. Proper care is also needed with the feet, you will be able to easily get an infection.

Popular Designs

The foot region being so small, still has a good portion of space to work with. When looking at tattoos on the feet it can be common to come by animals such as birds, dolphins, butterflies, dragonfly’s, scorpions, fish or turtles. Shooting stars, feathers, ribbons, feet or paw prints, crosses, different types of flowers, such as a rose. Tribal designs as well as sayings are popular among both men and women. A toe ring is also becoming more popular among foot designs.

Celebrities with foot tattoos

Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Greene, Demi Lovato, Kate Hudson, Brandy, Melissa Joan Hart, Rihanna, Naya Rivera, Fantasia, Charlize Theron, Virginia Madison, Kellie Pickler, Katy Perry.

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