Flower Tattoos

Embrace your feminine side with a beautiful flower tattoo. Add natural flowing branches and flowers that follow the natural rounded curve of your body – this will accentuate the look of your feminine curves. What better accessory than a gorgeous flower design that peaks out from your tank top in the summer.

Flowers symbolize your ultimate feminine – they represent beauty, rebirth, love and unity. You can choose to have just the flower tattooed or combine the stem and leaves for a full and flowing effect. Many people add falling petals or a butterfly to give their tattoo the illusion of natural movement.

Playing with a color scheme that you love and matches your skin tone makes all the difference. Soft pastels and whispy shapes look very natural on light skin while black and bright colors will stand out much more. Dark skin can handle darker colors and black lines, while pastels can stand out more and create a dramatic effect.

When choosing a placement of a tattoo consider the shape of your body. Use rounded flowing designs around a natural curve, like your collar bone, curve of your neck or the dip of your shoulder, this is a perfect placement of a natural smooth branch or curve of a flower. Be sure to play around with the placement and try a henna tattoo first to see what you love. You can easily change the placement of a bud, bird or leaf for a different look and effect.

A strategically placed flower tattoo can still be easy enough to hide, if need be, but with the right clothing – like tank tops, tube tops or backless dresses – you can also proudly display it when you choose to.

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