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Are you looking for a complete make-over? If you are, then try getting a tattoo on your face. No matter whether a stylish hair-cut can give you a stunning look or not, having a facial tattoo would certainly help enhance your look. However, you will be surprised to know that the concept of facial tattoos has evolved over 5000 years ago. Back then there were a whole lot of social and cultural significances and associations attached to it.However, considering, the demand of face tattoos, many professionals have sprung up over the years and one of the most popular amongst them is Katherine Von Drachenberg (AKA Kat Von D). Being a creator of Muslnk Tattoo Convention and Music Festival and the composer of the book High Voltage Tattoo, this lady has inspired many aspiring women tattoo artists. Her ravishing artworks and tattoo designs have enhanced the demand for face tattoos amongst women. Today, we expect that most Americans between the age of 18 and 50 have tattoos.

Here are some contemporary face tattoo designs to consider:

The rustic look – Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos have been favorites of all times. Well, its mere name symbolizes a grand design. When it comes to designing a tribal face tattoo, even a simple, but, fearsome or mysterious design on the forehead or chin results in a great look.

The star effect

Star tattoos normally look awesome on women, especially the three Mario stars designed near your eyes in the form of an arc. This is the design that Kat Von D made so popular. Giving a girly look, this modern-day popular design also adds a comic flavor. Even a constellation of stars when inked on your face will look cool and classic. This one can be tried out by men as well.

Cross tattoo

Having a small cross tattoo designed just below your left eye would make you look graceful as well as spiritual.

Gang Face Tattoos

Face tattoos are popular amongst gang members because it can quickly and clearly show someone’s affiliation. Most of these tattoo designs are decided by the gang and members tend to all get the same design. Famously, the tear drop tattoo by the left eye signifies that the wearer has killed somebody. Usually the professionals use abstract designs for gang tattoos. Here’s more history on this type of face tattoo.

For getting a cost-effective tattoo designed on your face, contact a reliable local professional. Even though, they have wide variety of designs to suggest you, but then, you can always go for their customized services.





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