Interesting Facts about Eye Tattoos

It’s normally said that eye is the window to the soul. This might explain the reason why symbolic meaning of the eyes appears to be of spiritual nature.

In Christianity, the Eye of God is depicted as hovering over a tent symbolic of the Tabernacle-the Faithful temple. Here, the eye symbolizes the Omni-present spirit of God seeing into the soul of faithful, ever watchful over those people who serve Him.

In Egypt, there’s the Eye of Horus, also known as eye of Ra, referred also to as wedjat or udjat. Here, the eye symbolizes life and protection. During his clash with Set, the eye of Horus was plucked out and torn into pieces. However, Thoth was able to save Horus’ eye and restored it, invoking the magic of falcon.

It’s remarkable that in Western and Egypt occult traditions the left eye is taken as a lunar trait and symbol of northern direction while the right eye is a solar symbol that represents southern direction.

The “third eye” is known as the spiritual eye, the eye of the soul or the intuitive eye. It’s closely associated with brow chakra, or Ajna chakra that facilitates intuition as well as extra sensory perception. It’s depicted on Shiva’s forehead and is symbolic of the inner eye seeing everything within cosmic perspective.

When dreaming, the symbolic meaning of eyes depicts an opening into new dimension. It’s symbolic of your vision clearing, and focusing on some new direction. It can also show your capability of seeing past what’s usual and arrive spiritually to a point where your inner vision sees everything in their divine glory, even the simplest of things which become imbued with beauty quality found in all nature.

A message of prophesy is also carried in the symbolic meaning of eyes, seeing literally “a vision of the future.” It translates well with ancient astrologers and alchemists speaking of the eyes of the sky prophesying some events as they chart the stars in some patterns to ascertain different results.

Symbolic Meaning of Eyes












A number of ancient esoteric and earth-based philosophies take the eye as a passage or a channel into some new direction. The eye here is not considered a physical symbol but an ethereal one that consciousness might enter into gateway of endless expanse. The journey is walked through pitch-black channel of being-ness, represented by the eye’s black pupil. Once this threshold is crossed, a person is said to have a higher knowledge, some glimpse of improved epiphany, which is comparable to enlightenment.



Why eye tattoos?


There are documents that date back to 19th century indicating that eye tattoos were provided as some corrective surgery procedure for individuals having poor eyesight, and as cosmetic process in changing the color of the eyes.

This is also performed on unsighted eyes quite often. It’s not uncommon for individuals who are blind, or having different deformities in their iris to have doctor touch it up with tattoo.


Today, people are actually getting their eyes tattooed in more, or less the same way that you are likely to have any other part of your body tattooed.

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