Eagle Tattoos – Uses and Meanings

Eagles are normally large and powerfully built types of birds with heavy beaks and heads. Most of the eagles found in the world are larger as compared to the other raptors or birds beside from several vultures. The eyes of the eagles are extremely powerful as compared to the other birds. They are 3.6 times better than the human acuity, which allows them to spot any potential prey from a very far distance. This is due to their extremely large pupils that allow them to prevent the scattering of incoming lights. The female eagles are commonly larger than male ones.

Types of Eagles

There are about 60 to 70 different types of eagles found around the world. These eagles can come in variation of colors, sizes and shapes. Most of the common colors of eagles are brown, gold, black, gray and white. Normally, the beak and feet of the eagles are color yellow while their talons are black. The head and tail of the eagles are in color white while the rest parts are color brown. Baby eagles don’t usually get the white tail and head colors until they are 4 years old. Here are lists of the top 5 eagles with heaviest weight, longest length and widest wingspan:


Heaviest weight

– Steller’s Sea Eagle

– Philippine Eagle

– Harpy Eagle

– White-tailed Eagle

– Martial Eagle

Longest length

– Philippine Eagle

– Harpy Eagle

– Wedge-tailed Eagle

– Steller’s Sea Eagle

– Crowned Eagle

Widest wingspan

– White-tailed Eagle

– Steller’s Sea Eagle

– Wedge-tailed Eagle

– Golden Eagle

– Martial Eagle

Those are the top 5 eagles for each category that are found from different countries. For more information about eagles click here.

Symbolism of Eagle Tattoos

The eagle tattoos symbolize men of action. It is a symbol of strength, power and authority that is normally given to those who are distinct and ingenuity. The wings of the symbolize protection while the sharp talons are for despair at the cost of evildoers. There are many countries that uses eagle as their symbols and some of these are:

– United States of America


– Philippines

– Austria

– Albania

– Egypt

– Germany


– Saxony

– Montenegro

– Mexico

– Poland



– Portugal

– Serbia

– Thailand

– United Kingdom

Most of these countries use the eagle as a symbol for their flags or state flags but only Mexico, Egypt, Albania and Subenia are using it on their national flags visibly. There are also other eagle related symbolisms such as from Christian’s perspective, it represents Salvation.

Eagle Tattoos

Eagle is not only used as a symbol for flags or other religion related purposes. Tattoo industry also uses an eagle as symbol for their designs. Eagle also represents the following symbols which makes it an ideal art for traditional tattoo lovers:

– Opportunity

– Power and Dominance

– Masculinity and Virility

– Freedom

– Wisdom

– Strength

– Clarity, Vision, and Focus

Each and every tattoo artist and wearer incorporates their unique ideas from the eagle since it has special meaning to them. The eagle tattoos meaning can be based from the symbolism and personal ideas which related to their lives or personality. Some people also prefer to use black eagle tattoo while others choose a multi-color.

It is noticeable that there are lots of people using eagle tattoos. This might be due their status in life or they simply adore the characteristics of the eagle. Whatever reasons you have, incorporating an eagle with your designs will surely provide a beautiful art.

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