Dream Catcher Tattoos

A particular tattoo design that is loaded with meaning and symbolism is surely the dream catcher. Dream catcher tattoos exist in a wide array of different colors and patterns, and often times they are decorated with images of beads, fathers, arrowheads, and other symbols. People also have the option to alter the color of the design to create a one-of-a-kind work of art that everyone will surely be impressed with. Dream catcher tattoo designs truly open the door to customization

<h3>What is a Dream Catcher? </h3>
Everyone has heard about dream catchers in stories, seen them on television shows and movies, and seen them features in home decor and jewelry, but do you know what a dream catcher is? Dream catches are a traditional object of the Native American culture. They were primarily used to protect people while they were sleeping from dreadful dreams, while also letting the good ones through. Dream catchers were handmade as a circular woven web or net that is enhanced with things such a gem tones, bell, leather pouches, feathers, shells and sometimes even animal bones.

<h3>The Native America Meaning of Dream Catcher Tattoos:</h3>
The Native American people strongly believed that the sacred spirits of the universe send messages to people as they are sleeping. The center of the dream catcher is meant to let good dreams flow through to people while negative dreams will get caught in the web. Other Native American cultures believe that the bad dreams are released through the center of the dream catcher where they can no longer reach the people, while the good dreams are caught in the web to hold their fate. However you look at it, dream catchers work to protect people from bad dreams while embracing the good ones.

<h3>The Different Aspects of Dream Catcher Tattoos:</h3>
While dream catcher symbolize protection as well a the Native American culture as a whole, there are also different aspects of these tattoo that provide even more meaning:
– Feathers: Feathers are usually attached to a dream catcher to represent going on a journey or to entertain babies as they allow the good dreams to slip down to the world of the baby. Feathers also stand for air, which is essential to life. Different feathers from different birds can be used to design a dream catcher. For example, the feather of an own is used mostly for woman and is kept to achieve wisdom. On the other hand, the eagle is used for men and symbolizes courage.
– Points: Some Native American tribes deign their dream catcher with eight points. These are used to represent the eight legs of the Spider Woman. The Ojibwa Nation believed the Spider Woman would visit newborn babies and spin a protective web around their crab, ensuring that they only had good dreams.
– Gemstones: Adding one single gemstone to a dream catcher is meant to show that there is only one creator of the web of life. Incorporating four gemstones symbolizes the four ordinal directions.

Dream catcher tattoos are truly wonderful for both women and men. They represent a rich culture, while at the same time symbolize protection against evil energies and allow joyful dream to enter.


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