Cover Up Tattoos

Getting that skull tattoo sounded like a great idea when you were 16. You weren’t very creative so you got a standard skull, you couldn’t afford much so you got your buddy’s friend to do it.  The result: it barely looks like a skull, it is faded and you hate it. Many people have a change of heart about a tattoo that they got a long time ago.  Perhaps it doesn’t hold the same meaning to you anymore, it has faded or it just never looked the way they wanted it to.  Lucky enough there are a few options, look here .  Or, you can get a creative tattoo artist to integrate that old tattoo into a new beautiful design.   A great option is to do both: have a couple laser removal sessions to fade your old tattoo and then start on a new design over top.  This has the best results.

 How to Choose Good Design for Cover Up Tattoos

The key to a good cover up tattoos is to choose a new focal point and to use bright colors.  It can help to have your new design to use some of the same lines of your old one.  Make sure you really love your new design and not just for the fact that it covers your old one. Here are some successful tattoo cover ups that will give you hope and inspiration. If you are only needing to cover up your tattoo temporarily, check out this tattoo cover up makeup named after the famous tattoo artist Kat Von D.  It is a four step process to completely cover up tattoos for the evening.

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