Cool Tattoos – Salvador Dali

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali, or better known as Salvador Dali. Is a surrealist artists his paintings astonished and captivated people all over the world. From the 1910 painting “Landscape Near Figueras” to his beautiful animated collaboration with Walt Disney, “Destino”. Salvador Dali’s paintings have inspired us all but, here is a list of awe-inspired concepts that were created based off of his paintings.


The art style Salvador is known for is called surrealism. His groundbreaking style changed the way we viewed art. Salvador Dali’s artwork was brought on by his unconditional erotic fantasies of women and the unconsciousness devised by Sigmund Freud. His precise and vivid imagination brought fourth surrealism in a completely new and undiscovered way. His most famous of surreal paintings in 1929 was called “The Great Masturbator”. It depicts a males genitals and the thoughts that stream through his mind during the period self-pleasure.

Carlox Angarita

A world renowned tattoo realist/surrealistic tattoo artist. In his early years he would paint and draw just for the gratitude and appreciate he received from his beautiful artwork. At the age of fifteen his friend showed him the tattoo he had just received which sparked his curiosity for this brand new “canvas”. His artwork is awe-inspiring and directly derived from a Salvador Dali art style.

“The Elephants” Tattoo

In the most reason years we have seen several Dali derived tattoos come to life. The main painting that is heavily restructured is call, “The Elephants”. This painting depicts two elephants staring at each other caring houses on their back. What makes this painting surreal is the length and height of the elephant’s legs. They are incredibly tall elephants (above 100kilimeters) and their legs are closely related to that of a spiders legs. Alot of tattoo enthusiasts’ have felt the need to express their unique and cultural differences by receiving a tattoo with features from this painting. The most commonly done tattoo is the AT-AT from Lucas Arts Star Wars, depicted having Salvador Dali’s elephant legs.

“The Burning Giraffe” Tattoo

The breathtaking image of a giraffe burning in the horizon whilst two mystifying subhuman creatures are displayed prominently throughout the painting, “The Burning Giraffe”. In the painting there’s two very large depictions of subhuman beings. They are incredibly elongated and one of the figures has drawer slots throughout their body. The other figure is shown holding up what appears to be a red fabric of some sort. The giraffe standing in the horizon appears to be set ablaze. This is another commonly used piece of artwork to inspire cool tattoo ideas. The most commonly used figure within the painting is the figure with drawer slots throughout her body. As it promptly displays an individuals need for perfection.

“Persistence of Memory” Tattoo

It comes as no surprise that the most commonly used painting for tattoos is none other than his renowned painting, “Persistence of Memory”. This beautiful painting depicts several clocks strung about a desert plane. Twisted and melting, the clocks display the illusion of time as we sleep. Time ceases to exist melting away our troubles and worries as we are bound by the infinite time of our own imagination. When individuals think of cool tattoos they think of nothing more than the abstract clock that was originally depicted within Salvador Dali – “Persistence of Memory” painting.

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