Cool Tattoo Fonts

Cool Tattoo Fonts

There is a misconception that tattoo is synonymous with images only. Contrary to these conventional thoughts, there are other forms of tattoo such as quotes using unique and beautiful tattoo fonts. Traditionally, tattoos were used for functional purposes such as differentiating members of military units and also as a mark of identity for different communities. However, this has long changed, font tattoos are now used to express personal feelings and attitude.

Tattoo Fonts as Stand Alone Art

The font tattoo was used to describe a main tattoo image. For instance a sailor would accompany an anchor image tattoo with a ‘Home sweet home’ phrase. So the font tattoo also known as lettering was used as an add-on. In the modern world these font tattoos have acquired an independent identity and they are used as stand alone art.

There are numerous cool tattoo fonts to choose from. However, it is important that you choose one that relates to your personality. For someone who would like to be unique, you can create your own font. Ask someone special to you to handwrite your favourite quote to create a unique and personalized tattoo. Though this may take much longer, the end product will be a tattoo which you can fully identify with. Here are some common font tattoo ideas:

Awesome Zombified Tattoo Font Designs

Calligraphy tattoo fonts

This is an artistic font tattoo. It not only calls for professional tattooing but also an artistic eye. It comes with bold and unique letters just like in the normal writing calligraphy. The down strokes are exaggerated to bring out an artistic and attractive picture.

Tribal tattoo fonts

This type of font tattoo utilizes bold and most of the time, black letters. They come in many forms. Your task is to pick one that agrees with your personality. While using tribal fonts you have the option of accompanying them with a matching tribal image tattoo.

The Hebrew tattoo fonts

This started as a fad when large personalities in the entertainment industry began to wear them. Since then, Hebrew writing has been a source of inspiring font tattoos. There are countless options to choose from. The first step is to find an English meaning of a Hebrew script. This way you can find one that suits your personality.
Graffiti Font

Graffiti does not end with images only. It also gives you tattoo ideas which are unique. Tattoo enthusiasts like graffiti fonts because they can be mysterious. This leaves other people trying to decipher the meaning of your tattoo.

If you’ve found your font and now need some quote ideas, click here.

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