Christian Tattoos

Christian tattoos are a good way of expressing one’s spirituality and personality. The good thing about these tattoos is that there are so many designs to choose from since almost everything related to Christianity can be turned into tattoos from the cross to images of Jesus to angels! The following is a guide to understanding some of the common Christian tattoos:

Cross – The Cross is the most important sign in Christianity, which is why it is also an extremely popular Christian tattoo design. You can choose from options such as the Latin Cross, the Crucifix or the Celtic Cross if you want a plain cross but you can also adorn the cross with a crown of thorns, hearts or flowers. It can also have the name of a deceased loved one in remembrance of him/her. While Christianity made this symbol famous, a lot of non-Christians too sport this tattoo design without any religious motives as it is considered to be ‘stylish’ or ‘fashionable’. This is the reason why cross is one of the most popular tattoo designs of all time!

Angel tattoos – Angels are mentioned everywhere in the Bible as they are the messengers of God. Angel tattoos are extremely popular amongst Christians and they sport this design in order to express their love for God and their belief in the religion. Angels are associated with heaven and hence they have a universal appeal. While these are conventionally Christian tattoo designs for females, there are also a lot of males sporting these.

Female Angel Tattoos – There are two kinds of angels: male angels and female ones. Out of the two, the latter is definitely more popular. Angels are generally pictured as a female adorned in pristine white flowing clothing and long hair. An angel tattoo on a person signifies that somebody is watching over the person and tacking care of him/her. In case of female angel tattoos, one can opt for a full tattoo featuring the entire female angel or a portrait design of the angel.

Male Angel Tattoos – Sure female angel tattoos are more in number but that doesn’t mean that one cannot come across a male angel tattoos. These are relatively uncommon but they make lovely tattoo design. There is nothing wrong with having a male guardian angel, besides these would be able to ‘protect’ you better as male angels are stronger! These have the same meaning as female angels and for inspirations or references, one should check the internet as always!

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