Chest Tattoos for Men

All throughout history, tattoos have long been considered to be one of the best ways of showcasing art on the human body; from the time of the Polynesian warriors during the 18th century (from which the word originated from what was then called a tatau) to late 20th century where tattoos gradually became western fashion statements to people around the world.   More often that not, men and women get tattooed on for artistic, sentimental, and identification purposes. The permanent nature of this type of “skin art” carries with it such a cherished, respected, and at times, even formidable character; hence the need for one’s careful consideration on what tattoo to get and where to place it on the body.   The chest is one of the most common places for men to get a tattoo. It provides amazing canvas space where colorful artwork may be inked in all of its intricately designed glory. Chest tattoos for men are beautiful body art.   For instance, this chest tattoo of a soaring eagle with its wings steadily spread out is the perfect symbol for indicating unfaltering independence, courage, and strength. This tattoo may be easily drawn onto the chest given the perfect symmetry of the torso and proportional size of the eagle wings.   Likewise, this chest tattoo of a heart with eight different keyholes and their respective keys may be placed right in the center of the chest. It signifies the timeless connection a man has had with eight different people who have significantly touched his life. Beautiful design for chest tattoos for men.   Getting a tattoo on the chest for most men would naturally mean shaving all the chest hair first. One may choose to do this alone but most of the time, the tattoo artist does the shaving during the beginning of a session. This is to avoid having any accidental cuts or razor bumps distract the artist from injecting the ink smoothly into the skin.   At the end of the session, the chest tattoo will be covered with a bandage or plastic wrap for protection. Upon removal, gently wash the chest area with soap and rinse with cool water to remove excess blood and other ink stains. Pat the area with a clean towel and let the tattoo breathe. In wearing clothes, wear a loose shirt or any type of clothing that will not necessarily stick to the chest area.   Depending also on the size of the chest tattoo, utmost care should be given to the skin during and after the session. It will be natural for the skin to itch while the chest hair re-grows and while the tattoo heals. It is important not to scratch as much and not to shave for at least two to three weeks until the tattoo has completely healed.   Once the chest tattoo has completely healed, take the time to enjoy and display the artwork on your chest. As Sylvia Path once said, “Wear your heart on your skin in this life.” We have more Chest Tattoo Designs.

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