Warrior Tattoos

warrior by Matteo Pasqualin, Porto Viro, Italy | warrior tattoos

Warriors represent strength, vitality, and honor. They are the defenders or societies and the weak but can also be brutal and fierce in their fight. A warriors death has been celebrated and glorified in historical societies and a brave warriors name can live on for generations. Warriors represent the ultimate masculine, that is why they […]

Back Tattoos for Men

Dragon Back Tattoos for Men Design

Back tattoos for men are considered a popular choice for body arts. It is a type of tattoo that is commonly used in tribal societies to demonstrate that you belong to that particular tribe. Thus, almost all tribal or back tattoos are quite symbolic and tell a variety of stories. In fact, old tattoos are […]

Sleeve Tattoos for Men

red by Gerhard Wiesbeck, Landshut, Germany | sleeve tattoos

Sleeve tattoo is a tattoo that is inked on the areas between the shoulder and the wrist. Normally the tattoo can be designed in two ways, either a full sleeve tattoo or half sleeve tattoo. The half sleeve tattoo provide a range of length types while the full sleeve tattoo covers the entire area using […]

Chest Tattoos for Men

chest tattoo by Taneile Napoli, Brown Plains, Australia | rose tattoos for men

All throughout history, tattoos have long been considered to be one of the best ways of showcasing art on the human body; from the time of the Polynesian warriors during the 18th century (from which the word originated from what was then called a tatau) to late 20th century where tattoos gradually became western fashion […]

Calf Tattoos

tattoo by Florian Karg, Bayem, Germany | calf tattoos

The calf is possibly the most perfect place to get a tattoo for men and leg tattoos for girls.. Let’s take a look at what goes into getting a calf tattoos, and you’ll see the reasons why I say this: Why Calf is the Best Place for Leg Tattoos? 1.) When you first ponder the […]

Hand Tattoos for Men

skull by Josh Hagan, Las Vegas Nv, USA | hand tattoos

Information about Getting Hand Tattoos Deciding on a hand and finger unique tattoo design is a major decision that you should never rush. This tattoo will be noticeable during every interaction you have with people, so it is important that you take the time to make sure it is impressive and meaningful. Although you may […]