Japanese Tattoos

3d hanya mask by A.D.Pancho | japanese tattoos

Unique and fascinating, some of the most amazing Japanese tattoo designs are said to have originated way back in 5000 B.C. The people of Japan would wear the tattoos in order to represent their religious beliefs or to ward off evil spirits that were said to lurk the country. Historians also believe that some of […]

Japanese Tattoos – History and Meaning of Japanese Dragon

Amazing red dragon tattoo designs for shoulder and arm tattoo ideas for men.

Choosing Japanese tattoos can be difficult thanks to the many beautiful, colorful and rich in meaning imagery the culture provides. Between koi fish, the Hanya mask, Japanese warriors and of course Japanese dragons you maybe a little overwhelmed. The Japanese dragon tattoos are popular, if you land on this as your design make sure you […]

Japanese Tattoo Designs – Koi Fish Tattoos

koi by Kel Tait,Melbourne, Australia | koi fish tattoos

Koi fish continues to be one of the most popular fish tattoos. The word koi is a Japanese word for carp. It is mostly celebrated in China and Japan.  It is a cold water fish that is known for it’s ability and strength to swim against currents.   Chinese legend has it that koi fish […]