Lotus Flower – Buddhist Tattoos

lotus and symbol by Joey Pang | tattoo artist - Hong Kong, China

Lotus flower tattoos are an excellent choice for people who are looking for a phenomenal design that is both meaningful and symbolic. These undeniably stunning flowers start along the bottom of a pond where they are stuck in mud. As time goes on, they proceed to rise gracefully to the surface, continuously moving towards the […]

Flower Tattoos

orchids by Ivan Trapiani, Italy | shoulder flower tattoos

Embrace your feminine side with a beautiful flower tattoo. Add natural flowing branches and flowers that follow the natural rounded curve of your body – this will accentuate the look of your feminine curves. What better accessory than a gorgeous flower design that peaks out from your tank top in the summer. Flowers symbolize your […]

Beautiful Rose Tattoos

rose by Phil Garcia | tattoo artist - Port Hueneme Ca, USA

Many people like the rose because it is very beautiful and because it holds various meanings. The attractiveness of a genuine rose has shifted directly to the tattoo rose design making it a classic tattoos choice. Rose tattoos are a very popular tattoo choice for both old school and new school tattoo designs. Rose tattoos, […]