Tiger Tattoos

tiger by Marie Krause | animal tattoos | egodesigns

The tiger carries a strong message, one depicted most often in Asian cultures. Whether in regards to the Chinese zodiacal sign or to the animal itself, tiger tattoos come with their own interpretation, one that is complex in its blend of positive and negative aspects. Tiger Symbolism In Chinese Culture Given the fact that lions […]

Animal Tattoos

tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin, Porto Viro, Italy | animal tattoos

So you want to get an animal tattoo but do you know the meaning behind your favorite animal? Do your research because each animal holds many different meanings and interpretations from traditional cultures.   Meaning of Animal Tattoos Owl The owl is a nocturnal creature with night vision and an amazing ability to hunt down […]

Bird Tattoos

blue bird by Victor Montaghini, Sao Paulo, Brazil | watercolor tattoos

When considering body art, it’s important to express oneself. In the ink world, there are several birds that top the charts. Each one has a meaning and they always represent something unique. Hummingbird It’s a special bird that’s famous for its flying speed and vibrant colors. A lot of girls prefer this tattoo because it’s […]

Lone Wolf Tattoos – Unique Images and Meanings

wolf tattoo by Victor Montaghini, Sao Paulo, Brazil | wolf tattoos

Wolf Tattoos The wolf is a popular symbol and has been used through out history, in great works of literature and art in many cultures, as well in tattoos and other decorations around the world. The wolf tattoo designs often represents a number of different things, depending in which culture it is being used. The […]

Eagle Tattoos – Uses and Meanings

eagle by Matt Jordan | eagle tattoos

Eagles are normally large and powerfully built types of birds with heavy beaks and heads. Most of the eagles found in the world are larger as compared to the other raptors or birds beside from several vultures. The eyes of the eagles are extremely powerful as compared to the other birds. They are 3.6 times […]