Calf Tattoos

The calf is possibly the most perfect place to get a tattoo for men and leg tattoos for girls.. Let’s take a look at what goes into getting a calf tattoos, and you’ll see the reasons why I say this:

Why Calf is the Best Place for Leg Tattoos?

1.) When you first ponder the idea of getting a leg tattoo, you’re likely thinking of what picture or message you will be permanently joining to your body. The calf is an excellent canvas. The tattoo artist has a lot of space, lengthwise. He or she could place a vertical or even diagonal image over your calf. Because of the calf is round, you add interesting depth to your image, literally making it three dimensional. Also, because the calf is round, it is possible to get a tattoo which can be seen from all angles. You can even do this without having to have the pain of a shin tattoo.

2.) As you decide that a leg tattoos are the way to go, you have to consider the cost. If you are leaning toward a tattoo which wraps around a particular part of your body, choosing your calf over, say your torso, will be less time and ink-intensive. Less time and ink means less cost to you.

3.) The next thought that comes into your head will likely be about how painful the process might be. The most painful of tattoos are typically the ones done directly over bone or a cluster of nerve endings. In the case of a calf tattoo, you have all that calf muscle protecting your bone, is less painful and perfect for leg tattoos . Note that the closer the tattoo is to the back of your knee, the closer you are getting to a cluster of nerves. So try to get your leg tattoo placement somewhere above your Achilles heel, and below the back of your knee.

4.) Now that you’ve taken all of this into consideration, it is time to think about how practical your tattoo will be. The calf is easy to hide and completely appropriate to show, under most circumstances. This means that your new tattoo will likely not limit your employment prospects, because it is easy to cover. Also, you will not have to wear your clothing in any unusual way, in order to show off your newest masterpiece.

5.) Since you have purchased this permanent masterpiece, you’ll want it to stay in perfect shape. The thinner your skin is, at the site of your tattoo, the faster your image will fade. The calf skin is nice and thick. This makes it more ideal than, say, your ankle.





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Calf Tattoos

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