Butterfly Tattoos

Seeing a feminine image on a woman is so sexy!  It is easy to use beautiful images of flowers and butterflies to enhance your curves and add a little peak-a-boo of mystery in the summer.  Butterfly tattoos for women are quite popular.  They can be pictured in mid flight or perched on a beautiful flower.  You can also see branches of flowers with beautiful butterflies hovering around them.

 Meaning of Butterfly Tattoos

Your butterfly tattoo is a perfect symbol of metamorphosis – as you know a caterpillar goes into a cocoon and morphs into a beautiful butterfly.            It signifies the power of transformation, just as you think a life is over it is transformed into something even more beautiful and free.  This is why butterfly tattoos can also make nice memorial tattoo as some cultures believe that they represent the freedom of your soul after death.


In the western world the butterfly represents playfulness, joy and freedom.  In Feng Shui butterflies are used to represent love. They also are known to represent renewal, tuning into the emotional and lightness of being.


Choosing a beautiful feminine tattoo can be quite easy when you have so many images and colors to work with. Butterfly tattoos for women are fun because you can choose an abundance of colors and positions to place the butterfly in.  One butterfly on it’s own is a powerful image of beauty and two butterflies flying together can be playful and fun .   For more click here.

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