Deep Symbolism and Meaning – Buddhist Tattoos 

Buddhism is a beautiful religion / philosophy that has made it’s way over the western world in the last 20 years. It’s eastern approach to a simple life, knowing thyself, meditation, yoga and self restraint appeals to a large class of people in western countries that are becoming disillusioned with the race for money and acquiring consumer goods. The Buddhist philosophy teaches a richer and deeper meaning of happiness, goodness and self.

For many western yogis, meditators and eastern philosophy practitioners a Buddhist tattoo symbol has become a popular way of displaying their new found approach to life. Adorning a symbol that is profoundly meaningful to you can connect you deeper to yourself and to your beliefs.

Auspicious Symbols Design for Buddhist Tattoos

The lotus flower is a popular Buddhist symbol that is used in western tattoos. It is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols and symbolizes strength and growth. This flower starts of in the mud of a pond and, thanks to the strength of its stem, can push its way up to twelve inches above the surface. In Buddha’s teachings this signifies the “soul’s progress from the ‘mud’ of materialism through the waters of of experience and into the sunlight of enlightenment.” The Buddha is often portrayed sitting in a lotus flower. This symbol makes an beautiful and meaningful tattoo motif.

Another popular Buddhist symbol tattoo is the ‘endless knot’. This graphic is made up of right angled lines that are intertwined with no beginning and no end. It represents the Buddhist notion of continuity as the reality of existence. It also denotes the endless compassion and wisdom of Buddha. The graphics simple design with no gaps and all lines connected shows great balance of harmony and the true connection of everything in this world to its surroundings. This is a beautiful masculine design that is often tattoed on the back.

Some other signs to consider are the beautiful hand gestures like Ahaya Mudra, Dhyana Mudra or Varada Mudra; Buddha’s eye; the Zen Circle and Om Mani Padme Hum. Buddhism is rich with symbolism so do you research before getting yourBuddhist tattoo design and also note that colors also have important meanings.  Here is where you can find more Buddhist Symbols.

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Deep Symbolism and Meaning - Buddhist Tattoos 

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