Bird Tattoos

When considering body art, it’s important to express oneself. In the ink world, there are several birds that top the charts. Each one has a meaning and they always represent something unique.


It’s a special bird that’s famous for its flying speed and vibrant colors. A lot of girls prefer this tattoo because it’s a symbolic representation of experiencing hardships and winning the battle against them.


Having an owl tattoo denotes that you’re intelligent but secretive. In Greek mythology, the owl was a messenger of the Goddess, Athena. She chose this bird because it could keep secrets. If you believe that people could rely on you, you should have an owl tattoo to show that.


A crane tattoo inked on your calf could mean peace, wisdom, and optimism.


Falcons belong to the class of birds of prey. Furthermore, hawk and falcon are the most popular bird tattoos. They symbolize magical powers and determination to achieve goals.


In the US, an eagle holds a very influential role. It’s the country’s national emblem and strong patriotic emotions are connected to it. That’s why, it’s very common to see people who served in the armed forces with a bald eagle tattoo.

If tattooed on the chest or upper arm, it symbolizes strength that you could do anything you aspire in this world.


In ancient times, sailors who were able to travel 10,000 nautical miles at sea, has the privilege of getting a blue bird tattoo on their chest. Similarly, a sailor who traveled a lot could adorn his body with bluebirds and this would earn him respect amongst his his fellow travellers. Today, having a blue bird tattoo could mean the following:

– Prosperity: Native American tribes consider bluebirds as the first son of the sun and they’re the harbinger of good health and prosperity.

– Happiness: Due to the fact that the color blue symbolizes the eternal sky, having a bluebird tattoo could also signify happiness.

– Loss of Innocence: Having a dead bluebird tattoo could signify that the person is experiencing regret or resentment about something.


We all know that a dove is a representation of peace and love. Likewise, it’s also seen as a spiritual symbol in Biblical stories.

– Victory: Having a dove tattoo that’s holding an olive branch in its beak is a representation of success.

– Family: Since doves travel in groups with their family, a flock of dove is a sumbol of strong family ties.

– Having a dove tattooed on your heel means that you’re a free-spirited person.

– Some couples get a dove tattooed on their arms with a little heart to show their faithfulness and devotion.


A duck tattoo means that you’re understanding and could see through the emotions. Also, it could signify elegance if it’s a delicate duck tattoo. Other meanings are:

– Patience: They’re the best symbol to represent patience and serenity. They never get tired searching for food across wide lakes.

– Fertility: In China, it’s believed that a duck holding a lotus stem, is an omen of fertility.


Often mistaken for a bluebird because of its small stature. It’s a popular nautical tattoo design that holds a different meaning for every individual.

– New Love: In Egyptian poems, swallows are often depicted as birds who sing songs for new love. That’s why a lot of teenagers opt for this tattoo design.

– Loyalty: Swallows mate for life and are loyal to their spouse and family.

– Hope: Swallows symbolize a positive change in the future. For sailors, seeing a swallow means that there’s land nearby.

-You could also have a swallow tattoo inked on your body as a symbol of luck, protection, strength and agility.

– A swallow flying out of its cage symbolizes freedom.

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