Back Tattoos for Women

Before deciding to get a tattoo, there are certain questions that have to be answered first, in order to make sure that the tattoo will be done and placed correctly.

The position of the tattoo is very important; there are significant reasons as to why certain designs are best placed in the back instead of placing them in front.

Pain threshold:

While getting a tattoo is undeniably life changing, there are certain parts of the body that might have a lower pain threshold.

Back neck tattoos for example, could be a little more for painful than the others, and a person has to be prepared to handle it, not just for one day but for several weeks. Make sure to schedule the tattoo session, in days where you are not needed for important tasks at work.

Pros and Cons of Getting Back tattoo for women:

Getting a tattoo in the back is very sexy; the tattoo can make a woman extra hot, especially when wearing a dress that is backless.

It is also convenient when working, the tattoo can be hidden. The Con is that you don’t get to show it off, during the winter, or during the rainy season.

There is also a notion, that back tattoo for women is a tramp stamp, and getting a tattoo in that area is a little bit more painful than other areas.

Using a Stencil to reduce errors:

There are some designs that would work best as back tattoos for women and men. Before deciding to go with a design, use a stencil first.

A stencil would be a good way to check if a certain tattoo design is suited for the back part of the body.

Remember that the back area of the body is wide; there are some designs that might look too small and unequally placed in that body area, for example ,putting the name of a loved one, might be better suited in the arms instead of the back part of the body.

The use of the stencil, can determine if the tattoo design is suitable for the back, instead of putting the design immediately, the stencil can be temporarily worn on a specific part of the body.

Check if the tattoo designs in the stencil will be clear, visible and evenly placed, a lot of tattoos lose their charm, just because they are unevenly placed; avoid making this mistake, by first using a stencil.

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