Back Tattoos for Men

Back tattoos for men are considered a popular choice for body arts. It is a type of tattoo that is commonly used in tribal societies to demonstrate that you belong to that particular tribe. Thus, almost all tribal or back tattoos are quite symbolic and tell a variety of stories. In fact, old tattoos are symbolic of the transition from childhood to manhood.


You can find some designs which are complex and elaborate showcasing dots and shapes that represent a particular phenomenon in life. There are also graphics that tell a particular epic tale complete with attributes and symbols. Men in ancient tribes also have their bodies tattooed as a form of tribe initiation.

Back Tattoos for Men in Modern World

Back tattoos in the modern world are much different in purpose.  It is popular to have a back tattoo as a form of body art. The symbolism or meaning of these tattoos is not prioritized compared to ancient artworks. However, contemporary designs are just as creative and artistic.


The back tattoo has likewise evolved and been modified from its ancient features. In previous decades, artworks on the back were stereotyped as tattoos of men who belong to less-desirable groups in the society. In fact, men in prison or bikers are the ones who primarily sported this type of body art.


Contemporary back tattoos for men are more acceptable in the society with a much wider scope of people flaunting this artwork. Even famous people and tattoo enthusiasts such as Hollywood celebrities are into back body arts. Josh Hartnett sports a Celtic knot work, Lebron James a “Chosen 1” quote tattoo and Tommy Lee accentuated his back with a tribal artwork.

Self expression is most associated with tattoos inked on your back. Men consider it an outlet of their style and personality, artistic creativity and even as a medium to tell their own stories. Nowadays, back tattoos are more of a stylish self expression and not a sign of an underground group.


You could choose from a wide scope of sizes, shape, and designs when it comes to artworks for the back. Smaller tattoos which cover just a minimal section of your back are one of the most popular choices. Larger tattoos which envelopes the back entirety are also popular often with Chinese or Japanese themes. Horizontal and V-shaped artworks are a remarkable selection thanks to the large flat shape that the back provides.   Tattoo enthusiasts and artists are becoming more inspired with back tattoos for men. After all, the back offers a wide and viable canvass where the tattoo artist could display detailed and large scenes and body art.


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