Ankle Tattoos

You can find a plenty of different types and designs of tattoos for both men and women. Although most of them are unisex, there are some that are specifically designed for just men, or women. This is not only decided upon by how they look, but also in terms of the body part where they are put. In this regard, ankle tattoos are amongst the most common types of tattoos that are a favorite for girls and women. The reason is because the ankle is perceived to be a very sexy and cute part of the female body making it an ideal place to put a tattoo. The ankle also makes it easy for one to conceal the tattoo, and /or show it off.

The key advantage of ankle tattoos is that they are easy to hide. This tends to work perfectly for girls who may want an attractive tattoo that’ll be easy to hide from their parents, as well as for working women who want a small tattoo that they can hide from their employers, or clients, by simply wearing long pants instead of skirts and dresses, or boots. These tattoos further exclude one from having to worry about the effects of aging since the ankle barely suffers from stretching or wrinkling. On the negative side, these tattoos are quite painful since they are placed on one of the most delicate parts of the body, and near the anklebone. They also take a long time to heal, which is between two to three weeks.

Since ankle tattoos are highly common among females, they are a favorite for celebrities like models and actresses. Some of the well renowned celebrities with ankle tattoos include Nicole Richie, Charlize Theron, Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz. Although there is a wide range of designs, the top two that seem to be a favorite are ones that are simple, sexy and elegant – specifically butterflies and flowers. These designs are believed to help compliment the foot and also, the shoes being worn. In fact, a lot of women choose shoe designs that enhance the look of the tattoo.

As always we recommend to  gets the job done by a credible, experienced and professional tattoo artist. This way, you’ll be guaranteed to have a beautiful piece of art on their ankle, have a quicker healing with no infections  etc.

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