Animal Tattoos

So you want to get an animal tattoo but do you know the meaning behind your favorite animal? Do your research because each animal holds many different meanings and interpretations from traditional cultures.


Meaning of Animal Tattoos


The owl is a nocturnal creature with night vision and an amazing ability to hunt down prey by quietly swooping over them. They are larger than most people realize and have a mysterious quality about them. It is no wonder that they represent wisdom and intuitive knowledge. They have the ability to see what is usually hidden to others. They offer guidance to explore the magical parts of life.


Most cultures have associated crows with the dark side of life. They are dark, intelligent creatures that have been known to attack and steal from humans. It is often associated with deceit and tricksters. In some ancient beliefs crows and ravens are spirit guides or guides in the underworld.


The tiger is a powerful and beautiful creature that often represents leadership and intelligence. The Chinese use of the tiger is probably the most popular one used in tattoos. It is regarded as one of the four intelligent creatures and in folk tales are the protectors of good men.

In the Chinese Zodiac the tiger ( ) the tiger represents fearlessness and nobility.


The octopus is a flexible, large and intelligent creature. It holds a great deal of mystery because of its ability to squeeze through any sized hole, transform color to camouflage into its environment or to disappear in a cloud of ink. It often represents flexibility, wonder and transformation.


These large and graceful animals hold a deep meaning in the Indian culture. They are a symbol of power, wisdom, prosperity and patience. Elephants are known to be surprisingly gentle considering their size. The animals themselves also show great loyalty to their families. They care for their elderly and are very protective of their young. Western cultures associates the elephant with royalty, reliability and pride, while Chinese cultures use the elephant as a symbol for good luck, happiness and longevity.

Here are more sites describing meaning of tattoos. We found meanings for chinese zodiac signs and animal totems. ┬áIf you didn’t find the meaning of your choice animal try this site which describes animal meanings in detail.





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