Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos designs are very meaningful tattoos, both spiritual and symbolic. There are a number of religions where the tattoos are important. These include the Islamic, Jewish and Christian faiths. The angel designs are believed to be messengers of God. They are also believed to be protective just like the guardian angels. The word Angel means messenger in the Greek language.

There has been a significant increase in the popularity of the Angel tattoos in both women and men. The angel meaningful  tattoos symbolize calmness and serenity on women. On the other hand, an angel tattoo designs on a man (the male angel) symbolizes a connection with the higher self.

Most of the Angel tattoo designs consist of a beautiful winged figure that floats or sits on a cloud with clouds around it. The figure is seen to hold a harp or a trumpet. Since angels are protective, the angel tattoos designs are drawn as if to hover. This meaningful tattoos represent their protective nature.

Fallen Angel Tattoos

The other popular angel design tattoos is the angel wings. These designs come in various sizes and can be located anywhere. The Angel tattoos are also used to pay tributes to lost loved ones. This angel tattoo design is known as the fallen angel. In this design, the deceased face is drawn into an angel design. This way the wearer is able to keep the memory of the loved ones alive.

Angel tattoo designs are also used to represent love and a connection with a loved one. This is especially if the love heart is connected with the angel. There is a common tattoo design today that features angels represented in the image of cupid.

Meaning of Angel Tattoos

There are a number of meanings that the angel tattoos represent. The most common meanings are spirituality, love and protection. Most of the tattoo designs consist of angels hovering as if to protect someone or something. This is very meaningful tattoos design. The Angels are viewed as messengers that connect both the material realm and the spiritual realm. They are seen to do God’s work. The never ending struggle between good and evil where Archangels are shown in battle is another common theme. The angel tattoos may also represent a connection with something that is higher than oneself. When getting an angel design, a person must most importantly make sure that they are happy with the design. The best approach is usually to check as many designs as possible to get ideas and develop a unique tattoo.

We found more images of angels to get you inspired.

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